Learks Gold Coins Cheats in Battle for Niria iOS

When playing battle for niria game, you will get to get gold coins, learks and diamonds
Early on this game, you will select a little dragon selection by giving its name and customize it all over to give new look in the game play.

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Get also your dragon equipped with some new nice items such as dragonling or furnishings for their bedroom that can be bought by using coins earned through play

Meanwhile you have to try to outlast, outscore, or outfight your opponents by matching three or more gems while occasionally triggering a special ability or two.

So you have to match gem same as the others in shape and color so that you will earn coins by matching the right gem in proper way
Once collecting enough gold you can buy new equipments and teach your little scaly avatar for some new tricks while giving your dragon a swanky new outfit for having a nice look.

As a young space dragon of the Lear race from planet Niria you will have to struggle hard to defeat a band of evil monsters named Tanants that have attacked and occupied the Lears’ homeland.

So your duty is to help this young dragon to be the greatest warrior and to level up in order to get special abilities while learning and crafting new magic potion spells and mighty armor

Some quests in this game will keep players engaged and the mini-games at The Lab on Match3 will be without any “fighting” that allow players to earn some extra items without worrying about competing each other.
Moreover you will have a task of getting a specific number of items in the quests.

When having the battle against opponents the board will not “refill” until both sides have run out of possible moves. On the other word every player will have refilled the board automatically if they run out energy to move on
For such reason you have to think fast if you do not want to leave your opponent to open on their next turn.

During having the battle in pvp you can use your wits and skills to defeat sneaky monsters in the tower and other players in the battlefield of 8 game locations with a great variety of actions

Taking part in this pvp will also increase your level while having a chance of getting to the top of different rating amongst other players worldwide
Once being the winner of each battle you can hunt for for components and formulas to create great artifacts to build magic portal to the world of Niria
In addition just upgrade your ability and skills after getting your victory in the competition of pvp battle online

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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