Credits Cheats Legacy of a Thousand Suns iPhone

In legacy of a thousand suns game, you can collect more suns by completing missions to the next ones
Then, you can use those credits to purchase buy low-level equipment, ships and crew members

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However in order to buy the good stuff you need to use suns that you can earn through playing the game.
On the other side, you will need 20 suns to refill your energy at one time.

So go to the Mission tab to accomplish each mission to get one sun and another, whereby you go for a solo campaign which takes you on a journey through space to rescue Princess Illaria from the Centurian army.

Every mission in this game will tell a part of the tale as you make a progress through the game
But having through this mission requires you to use a certain amount of energy for each attack
Completing each mission will give you rewards such as XP, credits and loot.

After having few missions, you will face a boss which only requires energy to initiate the battle and to hammer away at its health.

Each campaign is made up of 9 zones to be accomplished
Meanwhile each zone in each campaign consists of 4 areas
And each area will offer 4 missions and a boss.

In the way of beating bosses, you will need to level up sufficiently firstly then join an Alliance so that you and your allies will have a party to defeat bosse, which appear in the Raids tab.

After a raid boss is defeated, you will get the loot that is divided by how much damage you did and whoever did the most damage will get the best loot

In addition the amount of damage you do is determined by two main factors found in the Home tab that will be what you have equipped and your ship’s power including crew members which you can equip.

In order to gain a pack of cool loot, you will go to Expeditions as the final tab which needs suns to spend that will be 30, 35, or 40 suns on an expedition.

So all you have to do in this game is just play a few mission turns, attack Raid bosses, collect some loot to buy some new items, then refill your energy and stamina to complete a mission and the others.

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