Gold Cheats Legend Online New Era iPhone

In legend online new era game, you will pick one hero in this game, assign troops to him or her, and go through quest to various dungeons and other missions.

legend online new era tips

In line with your mission, by completing every quest in this game, you will earn more gold, experience, bonuses and the whole nine yards

Moreover, you will also level up and you can unlock more and more stuff like having more solo dungeons and more ways to upgrade your heroes.

And with a rich array of combat skills and soldiers, you can build a range of armies especially for each fight by strategically selecting their skills, arranging their formations, choosing their troops and enhancing their stats to win the battle.

Alongside, you will be allowed to create Guilds and forge Alliances, making it a “common cause” with your friends bring the entire world under their control.
In addition, guilds in this game can also compete against each other for total domination.

When playing the solo dungeon, you will get the popup saying you have nothing left to play that day However, you can play it anyways, because beating the latest dungeon will allow you to accomplish all kinds of quests, and earn a bunch of bonus rewards.

Later on, playing in the solo dungeons will test your skills as you will meet tougher enemies.
For such reasons, you will have to upgrade your main character by going to the Magic Tower and upgrading everything that you can.

At this point, just upgrade the Magic Tower itself first so that you can unlock more and more slots to upgrade the other ones.

After upgrading it, your Magic Tower will level up to 11, so do the upgrades for your building and your heroes as well.

Remember that every unit upgrade that you unlock will improve the stats of your actual units
Meanwhile, every Hero upgrade will power up your hero and stop them from getting killed easily.
According to this line, just upgrade “Hero Troop” to allow your hero to carry more troops with them.

Besides upgrading your magic tower, you must upgrade your City Hall and your Barracks to unlock the ability to continually upgrade your units.

Because of some upgrades for your buildings, you will get some powerful units that you can send then to the battle for victory

When upgrading your units, you can pick one unit that you consider to be tougher and put in as many as you can, then upgrade them as high more often so that they will be impenetrable in the battlefield.

Afterwards, send as many of the same troop as possible whereby their quantity will deliver high hit points for your troops in battle
Thus, get more troops in order to get more hits points.

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