Legendary Warriors Cheats Tips Strategy iPhone

Oink Game has recently come to the apple store along with their newest game which is packed into Legendary Warriors

legendary warriors walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to collect new strong and unique warriors as your companions then go through an epic adventure with them to find the lost flame.

In this game, you can make your own party consisting of three heroes, then fight against the mysterious Argus who gets a plethora of peculiar traits.

When battling with enemies, your heroes will fight automatically based on an algorithm
In the mean time, you are able to control the tide of battle by selecting how to raise your warriors, then where and when to use special abilities to beat any kind of foes along the way.

In the battlefield, as you fight onward, your heroes will sometimes lose their HP, so that it cannot make them dress their wounds until arriving at the next town.

Note that be sure to use your small band of fighters to win each battle with some foes
At the same time, you can also push forward to bring light to the towns which lie enclosed in endless night.

You can make a party by taking three warriors from your companions to battle in this game
After they are in battle, just tap your heroes to deploy them at a strategic moment and spot

Always remember to keep your hero`s abilities and characteristics in mind while planning your next strategy to beat any foes in the battlefield

Every time, you see the skill gauge is full, just try to use various special abilities then you can use the spoils of war to improve your band of heroes in the game

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