Tokens Stars Cheats Letris 3 for iPhone

In letris 3 word puzzle game, you have to get three stars on every level and reach a certain high score firstly indicated on the menu before starting the level.
Here, different star tiers will come to different points requirements.

letris 3 tips

And the more stars you collect the more levels you can unlock for an advanced progress
In the way of collecting stars, you can resist the urge so that you can blitz your way through the objectives of a level for having all three stars.

In line with this, waiting for a four-letter scoring to pop up will give you opportunity to take an easy three stars.
Therefore, keep making those four-letter words in order to beat the level with a three star rating.

Meanwhile, using adjacent tiles will clear blocks from the screen, so that try making your words along the direction of the entire wall.
Doing so will clear more screen real estate for every word you create

However, you have to make sure that you will not miss out on a three-star score when you rush to clear walls in which you can balance your objectives related to that step.

Sometimes, checking the earliest possible levels that you have not maxed out will give you a new attempt at collecting three-star ratings so that you can unlock the next set of challenges with those stars.

In order to defeat the monsters in this game, you will need to clear tiles adjacent to its position.
Note that new lines of tiles will also start appearing below your current grid whereby you have to pay attention in three letter words that run along the length or height of the monster rather then focus on one area of the screen if new word opportunities are tight.

Ice blocks will be little bit of tricky to get on top of the board.
At this point, you will still create words from letters trapped in the cold stuff
Moreover, if you can make a minimum three-letter word, the tiles will explode causing upper tiles to fall into place.

As to consider, certain levels will give you a challenge of creating a handful of words that might contain six letters or more so that you have to be aware of the letter ‘S’ on the board and work backwards to create a five-letter word then combine them meet the tally in the game.

When you get stuck into Relax modes, but you will need a certain number of stars to unlock them both.
For such reasons, you will have to get those extra stars from the earlier as in easier levels.

Playing in WordMatrix mode will task you to clear the given number of tiles using what is available in that you are unlikely to leave any stacks of letters that just can not be used in this mode.

In addition, the Acronymus mode will assign you to create words that can be formed using all of the letters presented with just once.
In accordance with it, you can move back and forth between the letters in order to form the right word.

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