Level 52-75 Joker Letters Clues in 94% Game iPad

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At this time, these are the solutions of level 52 to 75 for English – UK, Canada, Australia and USA version

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Level 52 Answers 94% Game
a. Sweets represent Candy, Chocolate, Cake, Ice cream, Cookies, Sugar
b. Types of rodents are Rat, Mouse, Hamster, Squirrel, Guinea pig
c. Pink ice cream cone picture refers to Strawberry, Ice cream, Cone, Pink, Yummy, Summer

Level 53 Answers 94% Game
a. PlayStation is identical with Games, Controller, Sony, Console
b. Words that end with Z can be Buzz, Jazz, Fizz, Fuzz, Pizzazz, Quiz, Showbiz
c. Picture Keywords refers to Dice, Numbers, Game, White, Black

Level 54 Answers 94% Game
a. Skiing is identical with Snow, Cold, Skis, Mountain, Slope, Poles
b. Types of dogs are like Labrador, Poodle, Pug, German Shepherd, Bulldog, Husky, Dalmatian, Pit bull
c. Picture Keywords refers to Wires, Electricity, Voltage, Electrician, Power, Plug

Level 55 Answers 94% Game
a. Something you often lose is like Phone, Keys, Wallet, Mind, Glasses, Remote, Socks, Time
b. Objects that have buttons are Shirt, Remote, Phone, Pants, Computer, Microwave, Elevator
c. Picture Keywords can be Spray Paint, Car, Man, Mask, White, Suit

Level 56 Answers 94% Game
a. Imaginary Creatures are like Unicorn, Dragon, Monster, Fairy, Mermaid, Pegasus, Elf
b. Jobs That Involve Travelling are like Pilot, Flight Attendant, Driver, Salesman, Army, Singer, Actor
c. Picture Keywords can be Building, Team Work, Furniture, Thinking, Confused, Tools, Instructions, Wood

Level 57Answers 94% Game
a. A Pot Of can be Water, Tea, Soup, Gold, Pasta, Flowers
b. Something You Celebrate is like New Year’s, Christmas, Graduation, Easter, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary
c. Picture Keywords are Squirrel, Nut, Fur, Snow, Winter

Level 58 Answers 94% Game
a. It’s Blue such as Sky, Water, Blueberry, Jeans, Whale, Smurf
b. Slang For Money can be Cash, Dough, Moola, Bucks, Bills, Green, Paper, Benjamins
c. Picture Keywords can be Cat, Food, Bucket, Mess

Level 59 Answers 94% Game
a. English Words Starting With Y are like Yellow, You, Yes, Yell, Yak, Yoyo, Young, Yesterday
b. Cooking Terms Used In Recipes are Cup, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Stir, Bake, Mix, Boil, Chop
c. Picture Keywords can be Egypt, Pyramid, Sphinx, Ancient, Sand

Level 60 Answers 94% Game
a. Animals Without Claws are Fish, Snake, Horse, Elephant, Cow, Frog, Whale, Dolphin
b. A Bag Of can be Chips, Candy, Money, Clothes Groceries, Potatoes
c. Picture Keywords can be Champagne, Party, Glass, Cheers, Friends

Level 61 Answers 94% Game
a. Shades of Blue are like Sky, Navy, Baby, Turquoise, Aqua, Royal, Teal
b. Means of Communication can be Call, Text, Email, Talking, Letter, Sign Language
c. Picture Keywords can be Building, House, Tree, Brick

Level 62 Answers 94% Game
a. Sports Played Without a Ball are Track, Swimming, Hockey, Badminton, Gymnastics, Boxing
b. Something You Can Open is like Can, Door, Bottle, Box, Window, Mouth, Book, Fridge
c. Picture Keywords can be Ice, Penguins, Cold, Water, Antarctica

Level 63 Answers 94% Game
a. Something That Foams is like Soap, Sea, Soda, Shaving Cream, Beer, Toothpaste
b. The Circus is identical with Clown, Elephant, Lion, Acrobat, Tent, Tightrope, Trapeze
c. Picture Keywords can be Beaver, Water, wood, Dam

Level 64 Answers 94% Game
a. Children Still Believe In It such as Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Monsters, Fairy Tales, Magic
b. There are a lot in France are like Bread, Wines, Tourist, Cheeses, Snails, Croissants
c. Picture Keywords refers to Ring, Marriage, Diamonds, Wedding, Love

Level 65 Answers 94% Game
a. Things found in a tube are like Toothpaste, Lotion, Water, Air, Glue, Lipstick, Candy
b. A table is like Dinner, Coffee, Round, Pool, Kitchen, End, Picnic
c. Picture Keywords can be Luck, Horseshoe, Horse, Clover, Ireland

Level 66 Answers 94% Game
a. It rolls such as Ball, Wheel, Rock, Dice, Rolling pin, Marble
b. Parts of a horse is like Tail, Mane, Hoof, Legs, Nose, Ears, Eyes, Teeth, Back
c. Picture Keywords refers to Sauna, Hot, Steam, Rocks, Spa

Level 67 Answers 94% Game
a. A ball of is identical with Yarn, Rubber bands, Hair, Fun, Cheese, Snow
b. A personal flaw is like Mean, Rude, Arrogant, Selfish Annoying, Dishonest,Jealous, Lazy
c. Picture Keywords refers to Movie, Popcorn, Comedy, Cinema, Friends

Level 68 Answers 94% Game
a. A box of includes Chocolates, Toys, Shoes, Clothes, Cereal, Books, Tissues
b. Fruit that doesn’t grow on trees is like Strawberries, Grapes, Watermelons, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Pineapples, Raspberries
c. Picture Keywords refers to Bike, Sunset, Woman, Leather

Level 69 Answers 94% Game
a. Fattening food is like Chips, Burger, Cake, Pizza, Chocolate, Candy, Ice cream
b. Christmas is identical with Presents, Tree, Santa, Family, Jesus, Lights, Food, Reindeer
c. Picture Keywords refers to Microphone, Interview, Media, News

Level 70 Answers 94% Game
a. Things at the fair is like Rides, Games, Cotton Candy, Animals, Funnel Cakes, Prizes, Popcorn, Tickets
b. Excuse for being late can be Slept in, Traffic, Car broke down, Missed the bus, Sick, Kids
c. Picture Keywords refers to Pilot, Plane, Controls, Cockpit

Level 71 Answers 94% Game
a. Something crunchy is like Chips, Cereal, Crackers, Apples, Nuts, Carrots
b. Types of fabric is like Cotton, Silk, Wool, Polyester, Leather, Satin, Nylon, Velvet, Denim
c. Picture Keywords refers to Button, Push, Red, Finger

Level 72 Answers 94% Game
a. Something that melts is like Ice, Ice cream, Chocolate, Snow, Butter, Cheese
b. First thing you do when you get home from work can be Eat, Sleep, Change Clothes, Shower, Watch TV, Take off Shoes
c. Picture Keywords refers to Desert, Footprints, Sand, Hot

Level 73 Answers 94% Game
a. You eat it raw is like Vegetables, Fruit, Sushi, Cookie dough, Eggs
b. It stings such as Bee, Cut, Mosquito, Jellyfish, Burn, Scorpion, Needle
c. Picture Keywords can be Perfume, Smell, Flower, Bottle, Women

Level 74 Answers 94% Game
a. Very slow animals are like Turtle, Snail, Sloth, Slug, Koala
b. Something you need on a desert island is like Food, Water, Shelter, Friend, Phone, Clothes, Fire, Boat, Knife
c. Picture Keywords refers to Clown, Balloons, Scary, Colorful, Party

Level 75 Answers 94% Game
a. Shades of yellow can be Sun, Lemon, Bright, Gold, Neon, Mustard
b. Means of transportation are like Car, Bus, Train, Plane, Bike, Boat
c. Picture Keywords can be Hike, Mountains, River, Walk, Trail

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