Gems Cheats in Monster Maestro Android

Tips to get rare card and free gems on monster maestro ios android
Just add the referral ID Arkmaster when beginning the game to earn gold and a rare card

Monster Maestro on Android

Collect treasure on quests and build your collection of rare cards.
You can steal treasure from other players too to get those cards

Complete quests, collect cards and take command in battle.
Get to know the monsters and their specialties, then take them on adventures full of battle and discovery as monsters have mysterious powers.

Set out on quests and learn more about the monsters.
Win battles and get monster cards.

Arrange your favorite cards to create the strongest team!
Enhance and evolve your monsters to create strong new creatures, then challenge other Maestros to card battles.

Try to fill the progress bar to get points and level up
Add friends when you get 5 stat points11. Evolve the monster to create strong creatures

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