How to Get Score Star in Lil Smasher for iPhone

Lil Smasher is a new physics puzzler where you take a role as Gary, a rebellious fuzzy demonic creature who needs your help to get past the Museum of Priceless Artifacts in order to destroy stuff like antique vase over yonder with his slingshot.

lil smasher tips

When playing lil smasher game, you will take some actions with the slingshot
On the other words, your goal is to break as much of the priceless goodies as possible.

In this game, every valuable item or target is situated in various positions behind numerous obstacles such as walls and barriers, arranged to conveniently block your path.
In line with this, a specific plank might be in the way but may be loose, so therefore knocking it down would create a see-saw effect of some sort.

You have two scoring metrics that will be the star score and your actual score.
Your high score is for bragging rights against your friends, and for your own personal goalkeeping Moreover, it is effected by how few rocks you shoot, how much damage you can do overall, and how quickly you finish the stage.

All you have to do is to play again and again to figure out better ways to beat the stage and to increase your score.
Throughout the game, you will see that you must collect the numerous scattered stars across each level to earn the highest scores possible.

Thus, the less rocks you fire, the better the bonus.
Because of this, reducing the number of rocks you sling will earn you extra points.

At this point, your star score is something else entirely whereby your star score is entirely a matter of how many stars you collect within the stage.
It is why you have to collect all the stars by firing more rocks, and by bouncing them off of walls until you accurately hit your target.
Then you can finish the stage only once you have all of the stars.

Every stage in this game will come to its own pattern and its own way of breaking the object
According to this, you will need to do some thinking in order to make it happen.

When being in level nine, you have to use the rock to launch the piggy bank, then shoot it in midair
Meanwhile, during in level ten you have to lodge a plank of wood inside the shelf, then knock the rock down so that it flips the wooden shelf out of the way.

In addition, one thing important is try to beat the stage with the maximum amount of stars so that you can beat the stage and work on collecting every single one of the stars before you finish the stage.

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