Gems Clovers Cherries Cheats Line Pokopang iPhone

In line pokopang patapoko puzzle naver game, cherries and blueberries are the main currency of this game whereby you can make great combos to earn more of them

line pokopang naver tips

Because of making a combo of 4 or more, each shape after 4 will contain a cherry that you can collect for unlocking the next events.
Playing this game will bring you in a combat-puzzle theme where you get a hexagon grid instead of a square grid, thus giving you more directions in which to make combos.

Moreover, if you make a combo of more than ten shapes, each shape after ten will contain a blueberry in which it is worth a total of 10 cherries apiece.

If you want to collect a bunch of cherries, you can use the painter power up so that when you get a paint block, tap it and it will make a picture out of two different colors.
And every color will connect in a circular manner, in that you can make big combos loaded with cherries and blueberries.

Just ignore the various bombs if you want to maximize both your cherries and your points.
Having a bunch of bombs left on the stage will automatically go off after the time runs out

This circumstance will earn you a ton of extra points after the stage is over
Meanwhile, when you blow them up yourself, you will have a delay before you are able to make the other combo for the next stunt.

In accordance with this point, you have to firstly make combos as quickly as you can, so that you can fill up the whole hexagon pattern with glowing outlines and to score a ton of points quickly.

Once having hexagon filled up, every combo you have been making for the next 10-15 seconds will blow up the blocks next to it so that you will earn you a whole lot of extra points.
So all you have to do is to make combos as fast as possible to blast blocks boost that will come to score an insane number of points.

Clovers will take a role as your energy to play this game
According to this, if you want to get more clovers, you must find people who play the game than you can add them to be your friends.

Playing this game will attract you in the story that monsters have invaded the pink bunny’s village and you must match 3 same colored blocks together to help destroy the monster so that you can survive throughout the game.

Therefore, you must upgrade your weapons to beat each level and its monsters then call the little animals to help you defeat the monsters and accomplish every level along the way.

In addition, upgrading your attack strength will come to higher scores while getting more than 7 blocks in a row will unleash bombs for aiming the best scores

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