Rubies Cheats Line Rangers for iPhone

Just complete a stage of this game to earn more rewards in line rangers naver game
Completing a stage will give your team double experience points and double your chance of finding treasure then it will also will earn you double coins.

line rangers tips

Moreover, combining rangers to level them up will give them double experience points.
On the other side, adding some friends will help you in gaining friendship points which you can use to buy new Rangers, but you can also summon them in battle when the going gets tough.

At the beginning of a level, try to have several of your cheapest ranger, while making sure to upgrade your mineral production speed every so often.
Doing so will give you a small buffer that will keep your tower and allow you to save up for your stronger units.

So it will be important to balance between making rangers and leveling up your mineral production rate so that if you send too many rangers out at once, you will not have enough minerals later for your stronger rangers when the enemy will

If you level up your mineral production rate too much, you will not have any rangers to protect your tower in which make sure mineral production is 8 for the maximum level.

Early on, make sure you always aim for the rangers, as you can level up your existing rangers with extra ones.
In line with this, you can get rangers by using the Gacha machine, which has different tiers to it.

Rangers come in 5 different elements so you have to make a balanced team to get victory
Health: Rangers with very high HP, making them your frontline fighters, soaking up most of the damage.
Attack: Rangers with high attack power and usually ranged attackers, so they have little HP.
Make sure to send these guys behind your health rangers.

Speed: Rangers with high attack and movement speed.
These guys move very fast and attack very fast too

Balance: Rangers that are well rounded in all aspects.
Splash: Rangers that have attacks that hit in a small area, meaning that they can hit multiple targets at once.

The most basic tier gives you 1 star through 3 star rangers and it costs 100 friendpoints to use.
The next tier ranges from 2 star to 4 star which require 10 rubies to use.
Then the next higher tiers increase accordingly.

Rubies are the game’s premium currency in which you can only get them through events or bought with real life money, so be wise about spending them
Another incentive to collect rangers is that each ranger belongs to a specific set, and if you collect all the rangers in one set, you get 5 free rubies.

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