Rubies Cheats Line Stage iPhone

Line corporation has the newest game, line stage in form of an all new music rhythm game where you dress up your favorite line characters and get them ready for the big stage as you tap and flick to the rhythm of the music

line stage guides

On the other side, this game is a rhythm game that will test your musical timing.
At the beginning of the game, you will first select a stage then choose between Rookie and Veteran mode.
For the first time, it will better to select Rookie as you can get used to your inner rhythm and it helps, tap your foot or move your head to the music and also maintains the beat

If you have mastered the rookie, you can try moving up to Veteran.
Anyway each difficulty mode gives rewards you with a certain amount of fans
If you play in harder one, you will get more fans that will come to a passive bonus to your score, and they are worth different amounts of points.

When being in the first city, Check City, you will get the first fans named Hams.
Each Ham is worth one bonus point.
Moreover, fans are very important to reaches those all-time high scores, so try to get as many as you can

You will be allowed to start with only Brown and Cony to dance for you.
Each of them has a passive ability that helps you gain high scores.

Brown gives you more points if you can hit a beat, you can more points if your level is higher.
Cony’s skill increases the timing window for “Perfect” beats, that comes to get lots of points.

At the same time, when you level them up, their abilities will also get better.
Anyway, leveling them up costs gold, but you should do it whenever you can

Furthermore, you can also get some extra characters such as Leonard the frog and Sally by inviting friends to line stage.

In line with this, you need to invite 20 people for Leonard, and 35 people for Sally.
Leonard’s ability gives you bonus points for flick beats
And, Sally’s increases the timing window for “Perfect” flicks.

Besides the character specific abilities, you can also dress up your dancers
Brown and Cony start out in their sweats, giving them with no special bonus.

Also, you can roll in the gacha machine in order to get a random a costume that gives special abilities Cony’s “Retro” costume gives you a bonus to Fever Boosters if you decide to buy and use one.

Try too concentrate on each stage, as once you get into the groove, you’ll enter the “zone,” and you’ll be extremely focused and in tune with the music.

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