How to Get Crowns in Lionheart Tactics on iPhone

Lionheart Tactics is a strategy-based tactical rpg game, where you control every single little bit of action and your characters with the highest defense and health who can move the least amount of squares in the front line.
Here, you can collect up to 30 Heroes and customize them with equipment, trainable skills, and dome upgrades.

lionheart tactics tips

Later on, you and your heroes will traverse the world and are immersed into the rich, while uncovering hidden truths, and discovering new races then get involved in a massive campaign with over 170 battles and over 15 playable classes, from Warrior to Sage

When being in your adventure, you will meet some villains whereby you have to focus on all of your characters’ attacks on one enemy character at a time.

At the same time, you will have to knock them off and you will also take a whole lot less damage this way, due to less overall attacks being dished out by enemy characters.
As a result, you will also gather crowns and coins after winning the battle with them

Once collecting those coins, try to save your coins first for the rarest heroes in that those rare heroes are actually fairly easy to come across, it whereabouts 6,000 coins for novice heroes.

Meanwhile, you may purchase a bunch of rookie stones with your coins to promote your rookies.
Afterward, you can also buy novice stones to promote novices and buy the equipment associated with the levels of the character that you want to equip from rookie, novice, elite to master, and above level.

When you stuck on a stage and you go anywhere else, just go to the arena and play to your heart’s content in order to gather a massive amount of coins and experience points by playing in the arena frequently
Besides, you will also get the opportunity to advance into new ranks and earn large rewards.

In order to increase your statistics and the power of your special skills and your limit breaks of your heroes, you must train your heroes and train any of their skills that you can.

Doing so will be so much helpful when you are stuck on a tough battle, and you will not need any coins or crowns to do.
When you have been ready for any challenge, you need to collect heroes along your journey in order to defeat the enemies ranging from armies to beasts and creatures of legend.

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