Amber Cheats Little Raiders Robin`s Revenge on iPhone

Little Raiders Robin`s Revenge from Ubisoft will take you to protect your forest with any means necessary
Here, you will be brought in the Robin Hood story which takes the form of a Diabloesque role-playing game
Along the game, you will be assigned to accomplish the main goal that is to rescue villagers who are under attack from the Sheriff’s men.

little raiders robin`s revenge tips

Once going through each battle, all of the health that your fighters lost will take a long time to recover.
In line with this, recovering health will take hourly in that you can increase the hourly health recovery by leveling up your houses.

Or, you can recover health the heroes by simply feeding them with food.
In order to get more food, just go to your tree and tap any mushrooms and other food-esque items that appear there

If you can go through most stages that you play, you will end up with a new villager.
Then, you will be able to unlock more heroes, followed by more jobs.

Here, yo can try to keep a somewhat even number of villagers in each job.
At the same time, you can try to send your slowest walkers or your shortest-range attackers like swordsmen in first by controlling them manually.
Afterwards, the others will automatically follow them and attack those who they are attacking.

Anyway, the stages on the map are very linear in which once you beat a stage, you can not go back.
For such reasons, if you will have to increase your fame level before you play the next stage, just go instead back to the tree
It is caused by there is something for you to do and to complete in the tree.

In the mean time, try to search for villagers that you have yet to train
And, then look for buildings that can newly be unlocked or upgraded, or new weapons to build.

Furthermore, stay alert of your villagers’ experience levels in which when they gain a new level, you must equip new weapon and a new shield for them
Getting them equipped with weapons will max out their attack and defense.
If nothing else is available you can start searching for the next possible opportunity to upgrade your workshop instead.

In addition, you will often meet one single central boss character to beat or object to destroy which is right at the top of a stage
And, if you want to finish quickly, all you must do is simply to target that.
At this point, you may take a little more damage but you will finish the stage with ease.

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