Kibble Heart Bling Cheats Littlest Pet Shop iPhone

In littlest pet shop, you can try to get free kibble such as Handful of Kibble, Stack of Kibble, Pile of Kibble, Wheelbarrow of Kibble, Vault of Kibble and Treasury of Kibble in littlest pet shop game

littlest pet shop walkthrough

Just tap items like tea kettles, paint buckets and mirrors appearing on the street to earn one free piece of Kibble each.
By doing so you will score free Kibble when tapping an animal driving a car or plane until they disappear off screen.

Try to collect Kibble from the mailbox that is symbol of a gold coin with a paw print appearing over something.
Try to visit the Shop and buy Play Areas for your pets, things like swings, trampolines, seesaws and funhouse to be placed on a free spot, then tap to make pets play.

In order to earn one free piece of bling is by watching a video.
Press the Bling icon on top of the screen
Tap the Free Bling button on the left to watch multiple videos so that you can get free bling by doing so.
You can skip quests with Bling.
You can also skip the building process with Bling as well.

To get more free hearts your phone is connected to the Internet.
Tap the Tools button on the bottom right corner of the screen.
Click Social, then select the town you wish to visit.
When in the town, tap those same mirrors, teat kettles and paint buckets to score free Hearts.
Invite your friends to see their towns as well.
All the way on the left is a capsule toy machine. Click it, and you have three options to win prizes, each one costing either 300 Kibble, 25 Bling or 100 Hearts.
Once you click a machine, you cannot cancel a spin, and will lose the Kibble, Bling or Hearts if you change your mind. Just something to remember.

Always take care your pets by feeding and washing them daily since you will earn Kibble and experience points to unlock new pets.
Always play Littlest Pet Shop daily to win an award and claim your Free Daily Lucky Paws item by pressing the Tools button on the lower right, then select Lucky Paws.

Just view the current list by clicking the Quests tab on the lower left
Afterward discover new quests by clicking animals with notepads above their heads.

To unlock the other worlds all you must do is completing the tasks in the mail box
When seeing the handy thought bubble it means a pet is thinking. So you can play with your pet for free
In order to get giraffe try to go to pet apartment and go to ‘other’ page and click on giraffe picture then enter cheat code LPSGIR to get it

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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