Lives Coins Cheats for Bubble Age on iPhone

In bubble age game, you will have a journey across various lands, with each stopping-off point carrying a bubble puzzle to be solved in order to rescue the lost child in an inhospitable prehistoric world.

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So all you have to do is to match three or more bubbles of the same color to pop them at least 10 bubbles in the top row and overcome the obstacles then to call your Dino to help you complete bubble levels.

In addition, unlocking boosters and helpers such as bombs, spiders nests, ice bubbles, hatchers, doom bubbles, locks and lots more will help you in the way of completing any obstacles in each level

On the other word, the main goal of each level is to clear a certain number of the top row of colored bubbles by matching those of identical color together.

In doing so, you will have a limited number of bubbles with which to complete each level and you will also be helped by “helper” options that you can either undo your last move or look up to the top of the level in exchange for hard currency.

As the player drops bubbles, two items “charge up” over the course of the level so that the family baby occasionally wakes up and offers a “spare” randomly-chosen bubble for use at any time
When being in this phase, an acid-spitting plant is able to destroy bubbles that are in the way once it has been charged.

On the other side, the game’s “lives” system will allow you to continue playing for as long as you are completing levels, but failing reduces their stock by one in that they will also restore over time.
Thus try using your lives wisely to complete bubble level in the right time

In order to get free lives, you can simply watch ads popping out through the game.
Meanwhile, the game will prompt you to earn hard currency which you can collect through an offer wall that provides local deals to users.

Social features facility include a leaderboard for each level to share achievements on one’s Timeline, and a mildly obtrusive “Invite Friends” popup that appears between every three or four levels.

As you drop as many bubbles as possible in a game, you will get three types of help under different conditions.
When you drop certain bubbles, you will make the sleeping girl wake up so that you will get an additional bubble with random color, or charge up the Acid Plant which opens up and gives you an Acid Bubble that will drop any bubble.

Moreover, if you manage to consecutively drop bubbles, the Dino pets will assist you to help scoring better points to fill up the star-rated meter.
Because of getting helpers, you will be able to finish a level and unlock the next level whereby you will be one step closer to the final goal of getting back the lost son.

Every level you have accomplished will give you some coins as a bonus reward, that you can use to purchase power-ups to help clear the barriers.
Precision will extend the aim guide
Acid will get an acid bubble from the start
Extra will load 7 extra bubbles in your sling in each bubble level

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