Logo Quiz Answer Level 5 Part 1 and 2 Hints iPhone

Logo Quiz Level 5 Part 1 Answers

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Blue square with G and S letters in it (GOLDMAN SACHS)
Sideways square border with f in it (FORUM)
Six grey old moon (SAMSONITE)

L, N, O and E letter (LANCOME)
Red S and P letter (ESPN)
Three black square (BBC)

H letter in a red square background with golden border line (HISTORY CHANNEL)
Blue bird symbol (BARCLAYS)
Grey round with green slice crossing in the center (XBOX)

W letter with triangle on it (KENWOOD)
Table lamp and R letter (PIXAR)

Blue O, M and S letter (OLYMPUS)
Y, S and L letter (YVES SAINT LAURENT)
Silhouette of mans head (SCHWARZKOPF )

Standing character with a black round head and pen behind it (BIC)
Brown square with modified N letter (NESPRESSO)
Glass round with couple of handprint on it (TOMTOM)

Logo Quiz Level 5 Part 2 Hints
Eight shape rectangles-like that arrange a square (COLUMBIA)
Blue badge with silver border line and a silver circle in it (LANCIA)
Blue circle with a bird head with a crown on it in the circle (SAAB)

Three red diamond. (MITSUBISHI)
Rabbit head with bowtie (PLAYBOY)
Seven curvy shapes (BLACKBERRY)

A pentagon with a diamond in it and two triangle that face each other (VOLCOM)
i letter (SPRITE) | Red rectangle with L letter (STAPLES)
A label with brown and green line in it and number of 1869 in it (HEINZ)

A blue oval border line and a red circle in it (ESSO)
Black oval with big L letter in it (LEXUS)

Four blue rectangles and two red rectangles formed a big square (BANK OF AMERICA)
Folded shape formed an octagon (CHASE)
Black square with white wavy shape like S letter in it (SEPHORA)

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