Logo Quiz Answer Level 6 Part 1 and 2 Hints iPhone

Logo Quiz Level 6 Part 1 Guides

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Purple rectangle with m letter in it (MILKA)
Red circle with white stars in it and a T letter (TEXACO)
b letter (BIRDHOUSE)

Black rectangle with A letter and dots on both sides (MAC)
Blue oval with silver border line with D and S letters (LADA)
A red border forms an hexagon with T letter in it (KRAFT)

A triangle with green border line and red triangle in it (ALITALIA)
c and h letter (CACHAREL)
W letter and six orange rectangles form a flower (WALMART)

S letter with leaves surround it (SHERATON)
Six circle with six different colors. (BT)

Circle with green and blue filling and s and u letters in it (STUMBLEUPON)
Red circle with red swan silhouette in it (STABILO)
Circle black with a white star in it (MONT BLANC)

A curvy red shape and two grey rectangles (CITI)
Two blue diamond (UMBRO)
E letter with mandarin characters (ZTE).

Logo Quiz Level 6 Part 2 Answers
Three leaves with three different colors: green, blue and orange (IBERDROLA)
Orange square with H, E and T letters in it (HOME DEPOT)
Green rectangle with four stars in it (BNP PARIBAS)

Red circle with c letter (CNET)
A brown crown (ROLEX)
Blue rectangle with a man holds a racket silhouette in it (ATP)

Three keys (UBS)
An orange thunderbolt (GATORADE)
A black rectangle with an orange shape that left three curvy lines (HANKOOK)

A circle with three colors filling: orange, dark blue and red (REPSOL)
Upside orange drop (MAGGI)

A red oval with b letter in it (BUGATTI)
A blue shape looks like covering something (SSANGYONG)

A soft blue circle with g and e letter (GENERAL ELECTRICS)
Blue circle with cube-like shape in it (CHINA MOBILE).

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