Logo Quiz Answer Level 8 Part 1 and 2 Answers iPhone

Logo Quiz Level 8 Part 1 Solutions

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A blue rectangle with N letter in it (NOVOTEL)
A black circle with a person wearing red hat in it (REDHAT)
A square with a black dotted filling and another orange brownish filling with a white rectangle in it (COHIBA)

A blue circle with a white circle connected to a white line in it (STATE BANK OF INDIA)
A silhouette like a human face with black glasses, a smile and a small black circle on the forehead (HUMMEL)
A diamond with eight U shapes that composed it (SUN MICROSYSTEMS)

A letter, a half yellow circle with green and red splash behind it (PORTUGALIA AIRLINES)
A black rectangle with M letter in it (GMC)
A shape similar to a letter in blue (ABBOTT)

Logo Quiz Level 8 Part 2 Answers
K and Z letters (KENZO)
j, t and B letter in blue (JET BLUE)
A picture of plane in blue and red color (SOUTHWEST AIRLINES)

A black curvy shape with white as the border line (ADIO)
An silver oval border line with a red diamond in it and white curvy shape in the diamond (LANDWIND) 6. A triangle with double M letters in it (MAYBACH)

A modified C letter in black and white border line surrounds it (COORS)
T and a letter with a small red circle on it (TEKA)
d and o letter and NTT on it (NTT DOCOMO)

w, a, g and r letter (WRANGLER)
p and r letter with a flag in a half orange and a half blue (SPANAIR)
A silver circle with wings and a cross sign in front of it (MORGAN)

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