The Answers of Logo Quiz Answer Level 9 Part 1 and 2 iPhone

Logo Quiz Level 9 Part 1 Solutions

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Two yellow rectangle and a black rectangle in the middle.
There are two N letter inside the black rectangle. (WESTERN UNION)

A shape like a shield with a grey cross inside.
There is for square that filled with a lion. (CAMBRIDGE)

A red circle with a scorpion inside. (CASTELLI)
A blue circle with a book and three crown inside. (OXFORD)
Y and P letters. (PAYPAL)

A blue face of a character that arranged by two circle as its eyes and a curvy shape as its lips. (PLAYMOBIL)
A yellow pentagon with red S letter inside it. (SUPERMAN)
A circle that filled with half soft blue color and dark blue for the rest. (ORBIT)

A rectangular shape with a curve shape on two of its side and white B letter inside the shape. (ORAL B)
A red shape forms a heart. (WALLS)
A black trapezoid shape with red and yellow color for the other shape at the bottom of it. (ENERGIZER)

An orange circle with another white circle shape inside it that arranged by three rectangular shape. Each
A rectangular shape will have one white circle on it. (UBUNTU)
A red square with a white oval inside the square. (KITKAT)

A red rectangle with a man in tuxedo in the middle of the rectangle. (MONOPOLY)
A character looks like a doll with antenna on it. (REDDIT)
A blue kangaroo. (KANGOL)

Black M letter with a red triangle under it. (MARES)
A red globe with L and G letter inside it. (LG)
An orange square with white B letter inside it. (BLOGGER)

An opened book. (PRITT)
A green square with white H letter inside it. (HOLIDAY INN)
A red rectangle with white M letter inside it. (MARVEL)

A black globe with polka dot pattern on it and a crown above it. (MINISTRY OF SOUND)
A red circle with black rectangle in front of it. (MARTINI)
A red triangle with two other white triangles inside it. (DAINESE)

Logo Quiz Level 9 Part 2 Answers
A blue square with three silhouettes of people inside it. (MYSPACE)
A winged shape and S letter beside it. (LONGINES)
A red square with white N and I letter inside it. (BANDAI)

A red oval square with white P and I letter inside it. (PLAYSKOOL)
Three arrows that point to three different direction that come from one same spot. (DESCENTE)
Modified p and ns letter in black. (PEPE JEANS)

A blue square with two curvy shapes inside it. (LONELY PLANET)
An opened blue box. (DROPBOX)
A red shape looks like a shield with three opened book that contain VE, RI and TAS letters. (HARVARD)

A red oval shape with another red half oval inside it. it looks like an eye. (BABOLAT)
A curvy shape that form G letter. (GUERLAIN)
A green circle with three curvy shapes inside it looks like it broadcasting signal. (SPOTIFY)

White P letter on a black square.
It will look like a white curvy shape on a black shape. (PILOT)

A red square with white W letter inside it. (WILSON)
A curvy shape that arrange artistically. (LOEWE)
A blue globe with a red silhouette of a man diving (PADI)

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