Collect Loot Experience in Gi Joe Battleground on iPhone

In gi joe battleground game, you will be allowed to make your solid team then send them to battle with other opponents
This game will facilitate you to build your unit and take command of the heroic forces of G.I.JOE to fight for freedom

gi joe battleground tips

Each member will be equipped with the different skills and stats that will greatly affect the outcome of the quest.
So take a role either as joe or cobra then lead the forces of Cobra to strike terror to any opponent

Each in this game combat is automatic and will be played out based on your team select and the items you equip in every mission.
A solid team work will be tested here and you will be earning loot and experience when completing each given mission successfully.

Meanwhile, you will be also allowed to capture new team members so that you are able to create the teams that you want in terms of heroes or villains
In addition, you can also mix up your teams to have heroes and villains working together in the combat zone

Thus just assemble and train the most powerful squads of iconic G.I.JOE and Cobra characters then select your side and build teams of elite soldiers and skilled agents to take on dangerous missions around the globe.
This game also offers you some powerful items such as weapons and skills that you can equip for your character

You can customize and upgrade your squads with combat skills and powerful vehicle attacks then take charge of G.I. JOE’s finest soldiers or rule the Cobra organization with an iron fist then try winning battles to gain loot, experience, and new team members.

Once making some good progress, you can unlock over 100 unique characters from the G.I. JOE universe and train them to compete with the world in special events featuring massive boss fights and player vs player combat among other players online

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