Where to Find More Crystals Essence in Lord of the Guardians for iPhone

Lord of the Guardians is a new hybrid of real time strategy and city building game, you will be assigned to build up your kingdom as much as possible and upgrade the Hall of Life for further
Here, you must build and upgrade your resource and storage to make this happen.

lord of guardians tips

Besides building and upgrading your kingdom, you will have to earn resources such as gold, dust, essence and gems to unlock new troops
Once getting all of them, you can then use them to do battle both in single player campaigns and against other players.
Before going to battle with other players, you have to maximize your number of army forts and upgrade each one to the highest level early on.

If you want to get your victory in a quick way, you can send in a flood of gladiators as your initial troop so that you can win a surprisingly high number of battles.

On the other side, you can unlock more and better troops by upgrading your training sheds as well in which you can send thieves to help you gather more and more resources.

When facing enemies in long range, you can send lady rangers in massive quantities.
According to this, you have to upgrade your training shed to level 4 and train some crushers, whereby they automatically target other players’ defenses, then train loads of lady rangers.

Strategically, you can try sending the crushers in first, then the lady rangers while the crushers distract the defenses.
Moreover, you can mix lady rangers with thieves, about half-and-half, behind the crushers, since they both target different buildings.
Ka-booms are great for knocking out walls, and you can unlock them at training shed level 5 in this game.

In order to defend your kingdom, you can try to wall off your hall of life and build your defenses close to it.
In line with this, you can put your essence, rainbow essence and gold dust storage as close as possible to your hall of life and your defenses, in that this will be the target of other players target

And, as you level up, wall off both the resource collectors and defenses.
At the same time, you can leave the less important stuff outside of the walls, as enemy troops will mark it as a target.

In the way of gathering more crystals for free, you have to clear out any debris inside of your territory, like fossils and toadstools there.
Moreover, you have to complete both missions and achievements to earn you free crystals as a reward.
After getting those crystals, you can use them to purchase new Fairy’s Nests so that you can build up your city in a quick time.

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