Gems Cheats in Lost Empire iPhone

Lost Empire is a new mmorts game will take you to build from a small kingdom to a big, powerful empire then you can destroy other kingdoms and eventually dominate the play among other players to expand your territory

lost empire tips

In this game, you will have to select types of troops including ground, horses and artillery
Ground types are strong against horses
Horses are strong against artillery
Artillery are strong against ground types.
Goblins are just there to carry resources and they are just as useful as the fighters.
So increase your population by building and upgrading as many houses as you can then your troops there.

In the way of gathering extra resources, you can do this by finding kingdoms that have been abandoned by their players.
Once getting this, you will notice that they never seem to have troops, but they will always have resources available.

For such reasons, you can use these kingdoms as easy ways to gain tons of resources.
You can find those abandoned kingdoms in the older server that you play in.

However, you will also be vulnerable to get attacked and your resources will also be stolen when you are playing in an older server.
In line with this, you will have to keep your warehouse upgraded to the highest level possible to protect resources.

Moreover, just wait to claim your quest rewards and to use your resource-gaining items until you need them, because when they are unclaimed, they cannot be stolen by other players.

During in the building process, sometimes your construction takes 6 minutes or less to complete
According to this, you can speed up anything including the research for free without having to spend hourglasses or gems.
With gems, you can use them to speed up troop training as well.

On the other side, if you are working on building your resources primarily, you can take your troops out of hiding by tapping on your castle and going to the overview.

And, if you are working on building up a huge army, keep hiding your troops, maximize your number of military camps and upgrade as needed, hide as many resources as you can and spend the rest on troops.

In order to collect more rewards, all you have to do is to go to the quests menu and complete the daily quests, then go to the kingdom quests to power up your kingdom as well as gain new rewards.

In addition, taking part in an alliance will consolidate your power over the server.
Thus, try to find a strong alliance so that you and your allies together can rack up your resources.
When battling with enemies, make sure to pick a close kingdom as a rally point.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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