Where to Get More GS Gems in Love Live! School Idol Festival for iPhone

When playing school idol festival project klab game, you will get to earn bonuses such as points and even gems in song match
Then, you have to put a band together, play songs to the best and accurate, then unlock each of your characters’ backstories

love life school idol festival tips

In the mean time, you will have to make a progress through the main story of the game as well.
Throughout the game, each of your characters has three main statistics namely pure, cool, and smile.
And every song that you play will be one of these three attributes.

Later on every band member who matches the element of the song will earn a points bonus as reward.
For such reasons, you have to try to keep many backup band members around whose strengths are in each of these three attributes, so that you can modify your band on the fly to match the song.

Note that, when playing the game itself, make sure to have the sound on, so you do not pay too much attention to the exact position of the circle, instead aim your taps
Doing so will allow you to tap and release with the beat of the song, so that you will get a perfect every time if you do it correctly.

In the beginning of the game, try to learn the rhythm of the song first
Anyway, mastering the rhythm of each song will make easy to tap the song correctly

At this point, all you will have to do is simply to stick to the easy songs for awhile before moving up to the normal and hard mode versions of the songs, as those can get very hard though.

Furthermore, if you have a glut of band members and you need to improve your main and rarest ones, you can use the practice mode to get both of these things done simultaneously.

Meanwhile, if you have multiples of the same band member, you can use special practice mode to merge them together
Then, you can give them an instant stat boost, and change the appearance of the merged character.

In addition, when you finish a song, you will get a rating based on three different aspects.
Your skill determines your Combo Rating
And, your Clear Rating will be determined by the amount of times you have finished said song on the same difficulty level
At last, the accumulated score that you gained with your set formation of members will increase your Score Rating.

These ratings ranges from nothing, C, B, A and finally S as the very best rating.
Moreover, every rating in this game will come to rewards such as nothing rating will get you either Gold, Friend Points or Love Gems on the first time.

Playing this game will also assign you to collect Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards that you can gain by spending Love Gems through Honor Student Scouting.

In line with this, if you can get a free ticket for an Honor Student, do not try to bet on if you want to collect cards as this is quite rare chance.
When Ultra Rare cards are at a 1% ratio, you will still get Rare cards from this, so you are not guaranteed a Super Rare or Ultra Rare card.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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