How to Complete Puzzle in Lums Full Episodes for iPhone

When playing lums game, you can use the cannonballs, the lasers and any other lums to get the job done at ease
Here, you can fire the Lums into all of the scenery to make the vampires creatures hiding away from the bright shafts of sunlight become evaporated by the light.

lums episode 3 tips

Use the cannonball Lums as your bog-standard assault unit as these lums weapon can smash through brick
If they will travel further, you will be able to fling them through lighter material, like glass and wood.

Except the cannonball, using laser beams will be absolutely deadly to any Lums trying to pass through
In the way to find a way through, you can find any nearby objects to be used to block the path of the beam, and make more progress that way.

Meanwhile using the transparent Lum can pass through glass and turn even the most hard-wearing materials into glass, making it much easier for a cannonball Lum to clatter through scenery.

Furthermore, using luminous Lum can brighten up dark spaces and nail those tricky vampires, but when touching a surface it will stuck for a nice one.
Stay alert of navigating these creatures through tight spaces as they can pass through glass without sticking to it.

And using anti-gravity Lum will be very useful, but also quite unpredictable as well.
Just be careful to latch it onto a particular object as picking it up just a fraction on the wrong side will create an unlucky bounce when the object falls on the scenery.

You can also use the stone Lum to turn lightweight materials into very hard stone and it will be very useful for blocking off laser beams that are in the way
Make sure not to place it incorrectly as you will be unable to complete the level.
Simply move these creatures very slowly around the screen.

In addition, different Lums offer very different advantages on the playing field.
The pure cannonballs will do a great job of clattering through lots of scenery.
The rest of them will provide shafts of light when planted that will allow you to pick off a particularly stubborn vampire.

On the other side, there is a Lum that lifts any scenery it touches into the sky and causes as much chaos as you can imagine before what goes up most certainly comes crashing back down onto the landscape.

When playing the Lums orderly will give you a big clue about how to solve each puzzle.
If a gravity-shifting Lum is given to you at the start, look for any scenery around that will open up a clear path ahead.
Only place a luminous Lum well away from existing sources of light.
Experiment with the lums to approach each level in this way and to complete the challenge.

In order to open up each set of levels, you must get a certain number of the stars that are littered around every stage.
If you want to unlock more content, go back to the very earliest levels to get every last star from these easier puzzles.

Always be careful navigating around the screen and do not use that given protective bubble in the first few levels for more often as when you are off your training wheels, you will lose control of your cannonball Lums whenever they touch a surface.

Try to take one of your limited number of nukes from the radiation icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to get through the level in much easier.
Activate one of them to make every vampire creature on the screen evaporate, but you will not get any star rewards.

You have to try focusing on the control of each creature continuously.
Tapping one on the screen will send your next unit into the fray
And tapping on it again will make you latch on and gently swoop it into position in that it will give you much more precision control over proceedings through the game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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