Score Units Cheats Machines at War 3 for iPhone

In machines war 3 rts game, you will command and conquer over 130 different types of units ranging from infantry and ships to giant mega units.
You play as a commander exploring every map to find the truth of missing scientists

machines at war 3 tips

The missing scientists, known as the Omicron Initiative, are the ones who will be responsible for developing new technologies.
So, select commands and individual units by tapping them, and utilize the in-game menu to give more complex commands like setting unit rally points or patrol paths.

Skirmishes, campaign mode, even multiplayer are the game modes that you can try to test your skills
After testing your skills in the campaign, just explore a random map and experience insane 5,000 unit battles while commanding of a slightly futuristic army then navigating squads and troops through a finely paced campaign.

Each mission has a unique objective in which it is the best part of MaW3 is the pace and direction of the campaign and units are introduced at a near perfect pace.

A unit ranking/upgrade system. As a unit gets kills it will level up and get stronger over time, which I love because it makes “calling up the veterans” that much more of a strategy.

There will be scores of units to choose from, and myriad building options and upgrades to select in that you will also focus on managing your economy and your base.

In the beginning of the game, you will start from building a base, reinforcing it with various defenses, building an army, and eventually sallying forth to attack the enemy.
By having those building, you can collect your resources, with one of the two resources generated automatically by your own buildings.

While concentrating on a massive variety of units and buildings, units can only either move or attack with only one kind of attack and buildings tend to be similarly limited in purpose.

For such reasons, try building counter-units, and finally building one or two of the highest tier units to dominate the field.
When building the base, just protect labyrinthine fortresses with laser cannons, generators, walls, and plasma shields around every corner.

Once getting your base built, your job is to make those units and keep the unit-making buildings alive and supplied long enough to trash the other player
In the battlefield, your military units are mostly commanded to move, and they attack on their own.

In addition, except the large numbers of units, the massive maps, and the speed with which units can traverse the battlefield in which air units in particular seem to follow believable flight paths depending on the enemy they are engaging.

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