Gold Sack Cheats Mad Bullets on iPhone

Mad Bullets is categorized into a fast-paced arcade-style shooter, where you will shoot a horde of bad guys in each stage.
At the same time, you will have to avoid innocent civilians and bombs, while collecting moneybags for buying more upgrades.

Mad Bullets Tips

In a given stage, you simply shoot enemies highlighted red by tapping the screen.
At this point, you should keep a steady finger on the reload button, as you can only fire six shots.

Note that, during the play, you have to keep an eye on innocent people are surrounded in green, and you have to avoid hitting them at all costs
If you do so, this will damage your character’s life, removing a star that will come to game over.
On the other side, feel free to shoot locks off people to earn bonus points.

In the way of collecting moneybags, all you will have to do is to blast crates and barrels surrounding the area.
These stuff will reveal moneybags that you can shoot to pick up and add to your overall total.
Remember that try not to shoot bombs as they can harm your character and remove one of your stars.

Once having a good time in this game, you will earn gold bags that you can use to purchase some upgrade items to equip your character and to help you accomplish each level

Moreover, having such upgrades will also improve the power of your shots that will be handy against robot cowboys and these upgrades will increase reload speed.
If you want to get back your stars in the first time around, there are two ways you can come back to life tough.

Firstly, you can simply watch a short video for one of Istom Games’ other releases, like the Jigsaw Collection in which it is a one-time offer, and it only lasts about 15 seconds
Thus, go hurry to watch them.

Secondly, you can purchase them, which ranges from 150 gold bags on up in that it is the best to have a good stockpile on hand before you choose this option.

As you proceed through the game, you will have an access to use boosts like more powerful shots or shield, which you can select before the round starts.

Having shields will protect you from a single hit
For such reasons, make sure you have a few available before starting the later stages in the game.

In addition, if you are seeing 1up stars from crates or barrels that you shoot, you have to grab them as soon as possible
Having more of them will make you stay alive a bit longer as you continue through a round.

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