Rare Cards Cheats Magic Duels of The Planeswalkers 2015 on iPhone

Magic Duels of The Planeswalkers 2015 is a collectible card games, you will have to collect some rare cards that will strengthen your deck in which you will need manage your enchantment to win the battle with enemies

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Magic is a deep and complex game, and each affects every enchantment then it affects every enchantment, yours and your opponents.
At the beginning of the game, you will start with a two-colour deck in that you can try to stick with a two colour-deck, largely for similar reasons.
Note that, there is the added danger of having the wrong types of lands for the spells in your hand.

With Rainbow, when you are ready to face Polis Crusher in your first full game during the sixth tutorial level, you will need to pick a deck for the first time.

To start building your deck, you will be able to chose a pre-built, two-colour deck of sixty cards with twenty six lands.
This is top priority because while you can swap your starter deck any time you like in your attempts to beat Polis Crusher, once he is down you will get stuck with that deck as your set of starter cards for the rest of the game.

In line with this, you can try sticking with a Black or Red deck, which will be workable and fun to play online.
Anyway, when playing with this deck, all the deck lists are now online.
And, the first stage of the single player campaign is against mainly black decks.

When playing the red/black deck, it contains two Bloodflow Connoisseur, Black creatures, which get permanent buffs if you sacrifice other creatures to them.
Then, on the red side of the deck, there is Krenko’s Command, a cheap spell that puts two rubbish creatures into play.

According to this, you can try and get the one of the first two cards out, then cast Krenko’s Command. You then sacrifice the mewling goblins to buff the Connoisseur.

As your collection builds, watch out for cards that work well together and make sure you put them in your deck and keep them there.
Later on, you will also find a level of colour opposition in this game
At this point, certain colours work better against certain other colours like black, white and green which are also pretty useful.

For such reasons, it will be better to starting with a White/Red or Green/Red deck.
Red will be full of direct damage spells in which they are colossally useful, especially for the inexperienced.
Furthermore, you are able to experiment with some of the others until you find one that suits in which they are all pretty pants, though.

Once getting your first victory, you will get a free card as reward to be added to your deck.
And you will also be instructed to remove an existing card to make way for it.

By default this game automatically selects the lands, in which the cards giving you the different coloured mana will need to cast spells first.
But, you can change this by going to Settings, Advanced, then toggling Auto Land.

You can also try to play with all your powerful cards at once that will come to a bloated deck where you can not work the synergies between your card effects
It is caused by the chances of you drawing two that work together are reduced hugely.

On the other side, you can consider a one-colour deck if you collect enough cards to make one as they are very powerful and you will rarely be short of mana.

During in the battle, before attacking any enemy, you can try to pair off the creatures on both sides of the board in your head, as the defender would do to their best advantage.
Here, you must try to kill one of his creatures so that all of yours will survive.

In addition, in the late of the game when players are low on health, there are lots of other spells in play and make sure to learn to pair off instinctively so that you can decide the right choices in combat and win it as well.

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