Magic Acorns Cheats Smurfs` Village and the Magical Meadow iPhone

Smurfs’ Village and The Magical Meadow is another social farm simulator game designed for the iOS and Android devices.

smurfs village and the magical meadow unlock stages iphone

This return to the days of yore of social gaming takes you over into the Smurfs town.
The Smurfs are determined to develop their new town simply like their old one was utilizing the magical forces of the Magical Meadow.

Much the same as the way it was in the past Smurfs diversion, this game is basically about developing crops, building, and finishing missions.

There will be times when you are totally out of journeys and the best way to get a greater amount of them is to pick up experience.

The speediest approach to do this is to have the same number of structure with the goal that you can develop heaps of crops.
The more crops that you develop, the more experience focuses you can get.

There will be times when you need to arrangement improvements with the end goal of finishing journeys, however the vast majority of them have different uses as well, for example, mini games.

For the ones that do not have any more utilize other than mission culmination, you can simply offer them with a specific end goal to make space in your town.

This is a simple approach to abstain from coming up short on space.
Magic acorns are the premium coin of the game.

Their fundamental utilization is to buy the places of particular Smurfs that you may recollect from the shows or the films.

When you buy another Smurfs house, you will open an entire arrangement of missions that identify with that Smurf.

The fundamental approach to acquire all the more free acorns is to finish the journeys that you have been given.
Moreover, you wind up needing to buy them.

Concerning the typical Smurfs huts, dependably have whatever number of them as would be prudent on the grounds that the a greater amount of them that you have, the more Smurfs that can have and the more Smurfs that you have, the more stuff that you can accomplish in the meantime.

Every homestead plot obliges one Smurf so as to tend, so the more Smurfs that you have, the more stuff that you can develop.

Make certain to check the timetable consistently to see which will give you a reward when you develop them.

It will be an alternate crop consistently, and you will get three crops for each one that you plant rather than the standard two.

Additionally, when you open another characters, you will likewise open new things that you can plant, like flowers for Smurfette.

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