Coins Score Cheats in Magic Duck Unlimited for iPhone

When playing magic duck unlimited game, just focus on your massive lines and watch out what duck will come next that will guide you to gain score as high as possible.
And, racking up bigger starting score will come to fewer points so that you can complete levels and move on the next stages.

magic duck unlimited tips

Furthermore, you will have to remove more ducks from the board, so that you will get bigger score
It is caused by you should focus on creating some huge lines of ducks.
Moreover, removing two or three ducks will earn you a ton more ducks for the next move.

Keep in mind that removing the ducks one color at a time will be a good start of gaining high score
In line with this, try to see which color has the fewest ducks and start with that.
Because of removing a color at a time you will automatically build huge stacks of other colors.

If you can prepare your moves you will easily spot some patterns and areas where it will be easy to create big stacks of ducks.
On the other side, try to focus on attributes or power ups one at a time as it will give you better results, because the more you upgrade a given attribute, the fewer ducks you need to eliminate in order to trigger it.

Anyway, you can start with those which give you extra points.
According to this, start with the Yellow Duck boost, then move to the White Duck boost.
In addition, just play this game in more often as you will get more experience and you will get higher levels as well.

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