Magnet Coins Cheats Icebreaker A Viking Voyage on iPhone

In icebreaker a viking voyage game, you must get gold coins chest by completing each goal that is to rescue his Viking allies held captive in faraway lands.

icebreaker a viking voyage tips

There will be 95 stages that you have to complete one stage before moving onto the next.
To complete a stage, you need to cut away chunks of ice and navigate trapped vikings towards your boat.

Swipe the screen to slice ice blocks in any direction and use some objects and hazards such as ropes, chains, wooden floats, goats, trolls, and crows to be worked into the game, creating more elaborate puzzles.

Meanwhile some of gold coins and chests can be collected that are placed in hard-to-reach spots, so that you can unlock hidden paths and bonus levels by having those coins.
And you can use the real cash to unlock god-like powers that will enable them to breeze through a level.

Moreover you will have to carefully dissect large, oddly shaped chunks of ice as they attempts to guide the Vikings to the boat and goats into a waiting pen but not the other way around.

You can also slice through ropes to swing a massive hammer in order to knock Vikings through the air.
Or you can steadily swing a chunk of ice along a cavern ceiling by sticking it to puddles of ogre snot.

Whilst doing all hard works including rope chopping, ice cutting, rolling and sliding physics, and a surprising amount of strategy, you will be awarded with all the coins and chests scattered around that spot.

When going to par, the timing is the key to successfully complete each goal and to unlock new level or episode
usually you will go through with a little trial and error while solving each puzzle around then collect those coins because of completing each task.

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