Eagles Cheats in Major Gun for iPhone

Major Gun is a new arcade-style game, where you will get involved in gun battle with a variety of enemies while collecting coins and power-ups to keep your running through one mission to another, then you have to blast enemies with their own weapons and gears.

major gun tips

During the gun battle, all you will do is simply to aim your weapon by moving your tablet or mobile device around, putting an enemy in your sights.
Shoot the enemies with the shoot button at the right of the screen, while you can press the button at the left side to reload your gun.

When running out of bullets, just reload your weapon as fast as possible, because enemies will begin setting up their attacks and hit you if you do not have a chance to fire back.
Remember to equip your hero with eagle to survive along the game.

In any first person shooter game, headshots usually work best to beat enemy instantly.
In order to do this, you will have to line up a foe in your sights and take him out with a blast to the skull.
Meanwhile, you will see a meter surrounding the enemy changing color into red, that will try to shoot you, so get quick to take them out first
On the other side, racking up headshots will earn you a little bonus on top.

When fighting against various enemies, you must stay alert of armored enemies that will hide behind a shield and they often cannot take bullet because of it.
At this point, just watch out for their feet and shoot them as they will be vulnerable there.

Some power-ups available on this game, including magnets and the G-U-N letters, will give you a temporary boost.
Except having power ups, make sure you equip your hero with shields as well, along with explosive barrels that can take out multiple enemies at one time.
Note that, always watch out for innocent hostages, as you have avoid to kill them at all costs.

Taking part in daily challenges will give you the opportunity to earn coins regularly and other goodies on a daily basis.
For such reasons, you will be assigned to complete multiple challenges over a week’s time so that you will also unlock a mystery box, which provides you with ample goodies, like additional eagles or extra ammunition for your hero.

On occasion, mystery boxes gift will provide you some eagles for free.
Moreover, you will also earn a reward at the end of your run depending on your overall score and performance throughout the game.

Thus, keep an eye open on each stage in order to collect them scattered throughout the stage.
Also be sure to take out the enemies as your top priority first.

In addition, having more coins will give you a chance of unlocking new weapons including the M249 assault rifle, the SPAS-12 shotgun, the M16 and the MP5 assault rifles.

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