How to Do Combos for Cross Horizon on iPhone

In playing cross horizon game, just tap to attack and defend your hero while predicting your enemies’ moves and protecting yourself with the shield then trying to create furious combos.

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In addition you can also recruit your friends and fulfill the ultimate boss fights with your united forces in the party management combat system then form a larger party by enlisting other helpful players as well.

Combining attacks will create combos as you master the skills necessary to defeat your foes and plan your moves to anticipate attacks and block them with your shield
So set off traps, throw enemies down chasms and use every trick when fighting against enemies in the combat zone

In order to face any opponent, you will have to gather your friends to join the party and to battle against relentless hordes of monsters while collecting massive loot and upgrading your weapons in the Black Market.

Therefore you must equip yourself with magic armor and powerful weapons to defeat the evil Bandit King then meet legendary heroes and enlist the help of your friends while exploring dark dungeons to figure out the answers behind the truth of your main mission.

Along the way of your journey you will also meet hordes of monsters lurk in the vast wilderness and dark dungeons guarding powerful treasures so that you have to master the art of sword, axe and spear then boost your fortunes and stock up on supplies as you prepare for the final showdown with the Bandit King.

Now you should forge weapons and armor to be the most powerful one as you meld metal with black magic then arm yourself against the terrors you will meet along the game.

Make a friend of other players you meet in your adventures for having access to an even greater variety of party members so that they can lend aid in battle.

During in the battle, you will not just tapping on “Attack” and “Defend”, but you will need to anticipate an enemy’s moves and defend against them with your shield while tapping out a furious combo as well.

In order to get your victory in the battle, you will have to learn and upgrade skills, craft powerful weapons and armor, and set up traps to attack enemies.

Moreover you will have to sharpen your skills, recruit thousands of other legendary heroes and plan your own strategies to defeat opponents in your way and to ultimately win battles.

In addition, try to max out your weapons and armor then take the fight to the evil Bandit King for having your victory and collecting any loot needed through the game.

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