Gems Gold Cheats Dungeon Hunter 4 iPhone

In dungeon hunter 4 game, you are tasked to collect gold during the battle
To get free gold, you can smash and open any of the containers you find clumped together or you can find any occasional drop of loot which you can sell for a quick cash boost.

dungeon hunter 4 walkthrough

Make sure to explore every inch of a map as a lot of mini-quests are scattered around each area
Try completing these relatively simple affairs to earn you cash and experience.
Once getting enough gold, you can use to socket charms into equipment.

When paying this game in the first time try sparing with your health potions whereby each one will completely refill your health meter
Health restores slowly, and you can save your health potions using the space around you to delicately pick at an enemy before moving out of harm’s way.

Leveling up will also complete refills your mana and health bars, so that always pay attention in your experience bar
By doing so you can survive one more fight and level up instead of quaffing a potion.

Always apply your skill points as soon as they become available to get more power to beat more powerful enemies as you level up through the storyline.
Moreover apply points to your passive abilities and your active abilities in order to dish out plenty of damage, but you need the passive gains to take much of the enemy’s damage yourself.

You can also gather precious materials during battle and even craft your own gear then socket items with charms to increase a defensive or offensive enhancement to each piece.
But remember you can apply Charms for equipment, then try to combine them to make them more powerful before slotting them in
During the process, make sure to save slotting or combining until you have finished your play session.

Select one of four classes that you will use during the game
The Battleworn will fight at close range with a two-handed sword.
The Blademaster will duel in one-on-one combat
The Sentinel is for ranged hunter archetypes
The Warmage delivers long-range magical combat against multiple enemies.

There will be four different multiplayer modes that will make you increase the experience points
The first two modes are built around player-versus-player combat
A Free-for-all mode will consider the player with the most kills wins

A Team Deathmatch mode will allow you and your partner cooperate with your team when it comes to the killing.
On the other side a coop mode allows players to tackle level-appropriate areas together
Besides it, a handful of player-versus-player modes allows players to get stuck into each other using their hard-earned gear.

You can also participate in Cooperative Levels together if you want to collaborate with your fellow players against the AI, or head into the Eternal Battle where you will need to face off against waves of enemies.

Just deliver your assault in as much of as possible, then keep the distance from the enemy to avoid their counter-attacks, while preparing yourself for the next assault as this is important when fighting against larger elite enemies.

You have to prioritize your targets particularly to something larger that is lurking nearby and some creatures will also spawn smaller minions during battle.

Use a duel-blade skills such as blade flurries and forward charges to provide a keen edge in a ranged combat while sending powerful mage and hunter character archetypes along with a clumsier and melee warrior as well.

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