Marble Gems Coins Cheats in The Tribez HD iPhone

In the tribez game, you will be able to collect money coins and gems to complete the buildings
In line with this, all you will do is to post your achievements, level ups and completed quests to Facebook and Twitter will to receive 20 free gems early on this game.

the ribez hd tips facebook

Try to go into settings and advance your time to have gems and free resources
Every time you make your character level up you will collect gems to put in inventory

With more gems you can do to speed up building process and production times.
Moreover gems will help in building specialty items and constructing buildings faster and collecting resources quicker

Each island will be packed with different areas in that you can purchase and expand on opening up new items that must be explored in order to solve the main quest.
For such reasons by using gems you can purchase areas of the map instead of spending gold on it

This game includes building stone-age villages, exploring various territories, and leading a tribe that worships the player as a godsend.

Furthermore it includes over 27 levels to explore across three different islands
There will be more than 100 quests to complete, 50 different buildings to create, and ten different humorous characters to talk to.

You can even get a pet dinosaur that will help you fight against opponents to the tribes and give you entire villages an entertainment.

So simply build your own stone-age village, explore territories hidden by mountains and seas, then lead your tribe to get prosperity for your village.

Try making progress through tons of buildings and decorations, from primitive mud huts, to sophisticated workshops, schools, and even theater as an amusement for your tribes.

Interesting captivating quests such as searching for treasure and artifacts, discovering distant islands, having expeditions to mysterious caves will attract to join a fascinating world.

In addition you must help the leaders of neighbouring tribes, develop your country’s economy, discover new lands, populate them with your tribesmen, and breed dinosaurs as well

Completing the quests will give you a bonus of having a bunch of some nice gold and XP that can be added to your current experience total.

Once leveling up your character, you will open up new items and buildings to be added to your island.
In addition you will also receive one gem when you level up by purchasing the right buildings then have your little villagers dig up rubble and trees as resources supply.

You must complete a quest first then build a marble pit on the second island.
Then build a Zeppelin Harbour in Marble Fiord in order to transport marble to the first island that is Island of the Ancients.
In order to transport marble to first island the zeppelin has to be level 3 first.

On the other word to get marble to the first island, you have to wait until you get to the second island then transport the marble from the second island back to the first island via the zepplins.

In addition try to complete the quest to build two shaman shacks then keep finishing quests, buying and exploring new territories to get your main building to level 8 and more.

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