Rez Hearts Cheats in Max Axe for iPhone

When playing max axe game, you have to rack up coins by throwing axes in the right way while collecting coins and other bonuses on the road.
In order to throw axes, you need to draw the route that you want your axe to go.

max axe tips

At this point, you can draw a line over the coins and the axe will get a string of coins in a row.
Meanwhile, you have to fling some at enemies before they come into contact with you.

Moreover, along with hitting enemies and collecting coins, you will also be provided of loot that you can pick up the coins before they disappear.
And, you can strike items in the environment, including bushes and stacks of wood, so that you will discover hidden bonuses.
If you are facing enemies at the same time, you can throw multiple axes at a time in that you have to focus on your throws and make them count.

In the way of leveling up your hero, you can do this by completing a number of runs, killing a certain amount of enemies or collecting coins.
As a result unlocking these will give you an access to new abilities and items that will help you in completing any objective later on.

On the other side, you can use few power-ups like Health, a helmet that allows you to take a hit during your run without stopping it.
It begins with the Rusty Bucket, then you can power it up all the way through the King’s Crown.

The Damage power up strengthens your axe over the course of your run, so that you can take down tougher or shielded enemies easily and you start with the Throwing Hatchet and work your way up.

With Axe Speed power up, you can increase the velocity of your throws and improve Axe Range as well, expanding how far you can throw them.
Try to use Magnet power up that will help you draw coins close to your character.

Remember that always check out the Free Stuff page that will give you bonus coins
And you can earn Rez hearts by completing certain actions, such as signing on to Facebook or viewing videos in this game.

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