Coins Goats Cheats Maze Crusade for iPhone

In maze crusade game, all you will do is to accomplish each task to earn coin cash, goats and power ups along the game

maze crusade guides

Here, you will play as a young and courageous knight to have a journey of a series of dangerous mazes filled with everlasting waves of evil gnomes, wolves, gargoyles, sorcerers, a massive skeleton army and any creature along the way.

In line with that circumstance, you will help fight off those dastardly foes with your trusty blade, a cast of magical spells and constructive abilities to build towers to fling piercing arrows and massive fireballs at your enemies.

On the other words, you will be assigned to go through the maze for as long as you possibly can, racking up the highest score possible, and going the longest distance that you can, while collecting various power ups, coins, and goats along the way.

Throughout the game, you will be challenged to journey across nine diverse maze worlds, all while a giant wall of spikes follows your every step.

And during every round, you must complete three different requests to boost your score multiplier.
Therefore, make sure to earn the highest score possible so that you can start off by completing requests as quickly as possible.

Once collecting three of the same item in a row, you will earn that item as a power up.
Moreover, if you make a right combination to four or more, you will earn that item time and time again, one for each time that you collect it.

For the description, gathering three coins will earn you one goat.
Earning five points will give you three goats
And earning seven calling will earn you five goats.

In order to earn a bunch of free goats in this game, just go to the store tab, then click on the Free Goats button so that you will be brought to all kinds of ways to earn free goats, such as watching advertisement videos or connecting to social networks.

As a result, you will be able to purchase more upgrades if you have more goats you earn through the stages along the game.

For the next progress, you will need that upgrades to help you to not only gain score higher but to earn you more goats, especially with the magnet.

The dice is the proper item that has to be collected during a stage as they will give you new random power ups whereby they are the only way to earn power ups that you have not unlocked yet.

Having the freeze power up stops the rolling spice from moving for about 10 seconds and fills the board with one type of item but you unlock this power up if you make progresses in some stages.
As for notice, collecting three dice in a row will earn you the holy grail.

In the way of attempting to complete over 60 dangerous crusades, you will match wits with evil gnomes, henchmen, gargoyles, ghosts, and sorcerers because you are tailed by a rolling wall of spikes through the treacherous maze

Furthermore, you will be tasked with some puzzles that you must solve by matching items to earn bombs, spells, towers, and magical rewards

With that items, you are able to cast spells to ride a magic horse, become invisible, freeze the maze, super pulse, get special weapon to earn magic armor and more actions to perform

After collecting some items and weapons, you should upgrade your weapons like a mace and the Super Pulse to become the most powerful Knight in this game

In addition, collect stones to build arrow-shooting and fireball-hurling towers in order to defeat any incoming enemy trying to attack your defense.

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