How to Get Tech Points Orbs in Mech Battle Arena for iPhone

In mech battle arena glu game, you will select your mech and get it equipped with at least two weapons that are mines and rockets in which you can get them scattered around the battlefield, indicated by a floating icon.

mech battle arena tips

When playing in the single player campaign, you will be served with a variety of objectives where you will be given with the mechs to play through numerous stages, completing objectives like survive until time expires or destroy all the enemies.
For such reasons, by completing each mission, you will be headed to go to the advance stages.

In order to strengthen your mech, you can navigate to the “Store” option to purchase new mechs, weapons, skins, upgrades, and credits.
Each mech has a different specialty and resistance as well as their special ability, which could make or break your time in combat.

On the other side, you will have to equip your mech with special weapons with its own damage type so that your mech in the same type weapons will produce effective results.

Doing some upgrades will make you stronger during battle.
According to this, you can tap an unlocked slot and equip the owned upgrade you wish to activate so that you can unlock more slots as you play the game.
Use your credits, then tap the “enhance” option and give a notable upgrade to your upgrades.

Moreover, the tech tree features three types namely utility, offense, and defense.
Thus as you play through each stage and level up, you will earn tech points, which can be used to unlock each part of the tree.
By doing so you will be provided with a boost to affect battle.

In accordance with weapons in this game, you will be introduced with long-range and short-range weapons.
At this point, you can use the long-range weapons effectively up close
At the same time, you try switching to a short-range gun, such as the flamethrower as this gun will deal damage quicker than other guns.

Throughout the game, you will explore in some arenas such as Industrial City, Sunken Ruin, Neo City, Metalworks, dan Industrial Arena.
During the battle with an enemy, try to constantly be firing your long-range gun when moving then aim and fire at the same time anyways
Hopefully, you may land a few lucky hits from a distance when you are shooting enemies from that way.

In addition, you will also be allowed to create your own guild then invite your friends to join in
With your guild, you will have a chance to get more bonus and you can plan your strategies with your friends before going for the real fight against other players

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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