Gems Cheats Mega Jump 2 iPhone

In mega jump 2 game, all you will do is to guide your character around, avoiding obstacles and taking down enemies in each stage while collecting both coins and gems in each round

mega jump 2 tips

During the play, some coins will be scattered throughout each stage, so that you have to grab them to keeping your run going, whereby they will also provide you a small boost upwards.
Moreover, you will also notice gems that usually pop up in some stages that you are playing

In order to accomplish the stage easily, you will be allowed to use some power ups that will be available on five power ups that you can use based upon their purposes

You can use the Magnet power up to automatically draw all gems and coins to you.
Using Embiggenate power up will temporarily triple your character size so you can gather more stuff and hit enemies easily.

Meanwhile, Fireball power up allows you to shoot higher temporarily, while blazing through any enemies in your path.

Having Double Score power up will double your points for a limited amount of time.
At last, Mega Mode power up will be activated when you collect a significant number of coins and power-ups so that you will be invincible while jumping you higher than any of the previous power-ups.

Note that, those power ups will need being upgraded with a certain number of coins.
And the first upgrade will cost 250 while following ones will be getting more expensive.

For such reasons, you have to consider well which power up you want to power up first, as the costs will increase after a few level ups.

Boosts will give you a nice advantage when you begin your next game.
According to this, the best boost here is the Over Shield whereby it really helps you get past enemies easily so that you can continue your run.

Over Shield will protect you for 20 seconds while deflecting any enemy along the stage.
Score Boost increases five to your score multiplier for the whole round
Mega Start gives you a 250-meter boost at the beginning of the play
Lucky Box will show you what power-ups are available from boxes you have opened
Coin Doubler will double your coins along the game.

A bunch of characters will also be available, each one with its own playstyle.
However, unlocking all of them will cost certain amounts of coins or gems.

In the beginning of the game you will play with Redford as starting character
Unlocking Bluto requires 10,000 coins
Unlocking Rosie requires 25,000 coins
Unlocking Pepper requires 75,000 coins
Unlocking Foxworthy requires 20 gems
Unlocking Rolf requires 50 gems
Unlocking Penny requires 50 Gems
Unlocking Dizzy requires 100 Gems
Unlocking Bryan requires 45,000 coins

In addition, you can level level them up in the upgrades menu, and you will spend 250 coins for the first upgrade then they will increase after that.

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