How to Get Mega Rare Cards Diamonds in Dons of Desperado iPhone

In dons of desperado game, you will have to gather super ultra cards after finishing tutorial and getting your victory in the battlefield
So, just complete the tutorial to get the S-Rare Card Bibian for bonus reward

dons of desperado guides

You will start with unlimited stamina until reaching level 15 and you can use this free stamina on the standard missions instead on the limited time event missions.
By accomplishing such missions, you can earn some bonuses including rare cards and recruit tickets.

Once getting those cards, you have to evolve and strengthen them to be used in the battlefield.
So evolving and powering up cards properly will lead you get victory in every battle.

However, if you have a very limited number of rare cards, you do not need evolve the duplicates in which you can just let them both fight in your party.
Meanwhile, if you have few of rare cards, you must evolve the duplicates into the most powerful card.

So by having more rare cards, just create the strongest deck to challenge the other players with your favorite characters.

As making progress in this game, you will face the bosses in that you can attack them in multiple turns or you can call in friends to help you beat them.

When adding friends to be your party, make sure to search by experience level
So just look for friends who are a far higher experience level than you are, then adding them to be your team.
After they have received your invitation, you have to summon them in order to destroy the boss together.

When going to mission bosses, you will get to pick your friends leader cards to fight along side your leader card.
Then simply add high level friends with the strongest leader cards to easily beat every boss that you fight in the mission.

In addition your goal is to recruit an army of gangsters to face off with rival gangsters while building up your cards from weak to strong and become the top ranked gangster in the game.

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