How to Get Miles Coins for 2K Drive on iPhone

When playing 2k drive game, you can get some Miles, Stars and Coins through courses available on this game
Miles in this game will act as your reputation so that you simply put it into the game, to rank up quickly and unlock Stars and Coins as well.

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Meanwhile, stars will give you an access to upgrade your vehicle and purchase particular skins for your cars in the garage.
Having more coins will give you an advantage to unlock new vehicles and buy specific parts.
Therefore, just make sure you log as many of these as you can as they add up in the long haul.

Thus, you will merely drive well to earn stars and coins to be used to purchase upgrades and boosts for your cars, as well as new cars.
Before getting new cars to your garage with the available money, consider to save a few coins for necessary repairs.

It is caused by your car becomes damaged over time in the race, and it will suffer performance wise unless you take care of it.
There will be three difficulty modes in the game in that you can play solo, or compete against live opponents in the online multiplayer mode.

For such reasons, you can start with Rookie as it will help you with braking and speed automatically.
Afterward, once mastering the gameplay system, you can move up in difficulty and go for more Trophies.

When your car is ready for another stunt, you can try the Daily Challenges more than once to find a more competitive rival and to add a few more stars to your overall ranking.

When you tackle off-road racing, remember that the handling will be different than a street-racing event.
Dirt roads require you to do more drifting around corners.

During in that track, you will fly off jumps, which still need some adjustment when heading into a turn. So take the time to master off-road vehicles in order to beat these events.

In order to explore your experience, trying out new cars will be necessary to open up more driving experience, as well as to gather stars and coins as well.

When selecting your new cars, the news hub is worth checking out in which you will see new models, as well as information on more popular vehicles and even a few stories.

On the other side, you will also get free service when doing so
So get involved your self in the wheel and racing on tracks located all around the world then complete challenges to earn rewards throughout the game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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