Milk Red Diamonds Cheats Mittens iPhone

In mittens game, you can get more gems by completing each objective that is to collect the milk bottle and three blue gems scattered around in inconvenient locations

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On the other side you will also need to collect floating diamonds throughout the game to make further progress.
Therefore you have to complete the level and gather all the gems that will be used to unlock the rest of the levels in each world locked behind increasingly-large numbers of collected blue gems in which these “secret” levels contain red gems.

And all red gems must be collected to unlock the world’s final objective.
Whilst gaining this final reward will need all blue and red gems in the world of four level packs.
Those level packs will have a unique environment each including an urban setting, a carnival, a cave and a harbor.

You will fly through the air, slide across buildings, swing an electrical wire or piece of wood and use dozens of objects to travel the world with gathering milk, balloons and other gifts to help Mittens get Mia, the girl of his dreams.

During your journey of this static environmental elements, the world is full of dangerous traps like wires, awnings, planks of wood and tricky characters or other animals also appear in the levels, like birds to latch onto.

For such reason show your smarts and tap, slice and drag objects in each level to collect every reward and get Mittens to safety then make it to a floating milk bottle.
As a result he will do a little dance once getting the objective solved successfully.

You will perform amongst 75 action-packed levels filled with irresistible fun while traveling through 3 crazy level packs including Milktown, Balloonland and Mouse Cave

Moreover some 30 innovative physics-based mechanics including cutting wood, riding on birds, slingshoting off antennas, springing up from windows, launching from water pipes, blasting out of cannons, leaping out of moving cars, bouncing off wires, and so much more will be challenged you in accomplishing each objective of each level.

Some bonus levels will be given to combine every single mechanic of the given level pack to test your mastery.
So put your skills to the test and master extra-challenging levels with Game Center achievements
When playing this game you will take indirect control of a cat to make his way to a perilously-located milk bottle in each the level.

Meanwhile you must navigate the cat by making use of various physics-based objects around the levels like sunshades that can be closed by removing their supports, chopping a wood block onto a series of gears in a specific place by swiping through them with your finger to deposit the cat in an advantageous position.

In addition there will also be enemies like angry men with pans that will smack Mittens when trying to fly through the air.
Thus show your best skills once again to overcome all obstacles and enemies that trying to block the way of getting your objectives

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