Milk Water Heart Cheats in Youda Survivor 2 HD iPad

When playing youda survivor 2 hd game, you must try to get more energy with potions from eggs and milks as the main resources of this game

youda survivor 2 hd tips

In completing the mission you will start with a small piece of land in which you have to survive there by breeding a variety of animals, such as flamingos, ostriches or wild goats.

For having products from those animals you will need water to feed them daily so that they will give you feedback of producing eggs, milk, and other items that can be used to cook potions or to be made into more powerful products with the help of machines.

Moreover you can make fried eggs with eggs and milk can be turned into milk powder and cheese as well
You can also make an omelette with one cheese plus one fried egg as your energy supply.

Note that it will be a careful process of combining into which object indicated that needs to be collected in order to complete a level.
In addition, such objects can be used to make potions as your energy.

There are two bars that affect your hero that will be water and heart
Water indicates the hydration, and heart indicates your health.

Both water and heart can be refilled and increased significantly by creating potions from the raw or processed products.

Collecting special recipes will create the production of more helpful potions than just mixing ingredients randomly.

Activities such as casting rituals or constructing machines will need your health.
Moreover you will need more health to fight against pirates and other enemies trying to steal your products, but they will eventually drop worthwhile stuff if chased away successfully

Furthermore, you can create new puddle of water by summoning rain, or you can play charming tunes to get products for free while upgrading machines and collecting products for more supply.

You must rescue a tribe and their island through completing many different tasks with over 100 different levels in nine absorbing chapters, alongside a separate siege mode.

Try to search and retrieve the missing sacred talisman and reunite the 2 gems that the tribe used for their rituals.

Afterward you can discover some of the lost rituals and learn new ones to make a progress through the dangerous areas of the transformed island.

In order to survive in this island, you can find and equip yourself with magical tribal marks to improve your chances of surviving.

Enemies such as scorpions or pirates will give a challenge to get them away out of your island.
However you have to make sure to use your health energy wisely

Meanwhile, you can challenge the mighty pirates who have learned magic rituals on their own then test your skills in this epic journey.
So meet exotic creatures, learn new potion recipes and explore caves for hidden treasures.

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