Mithrils Gold Cheats Bounty Hunter Black Dawn on iPhone

In bounty hunter black dawn game, you must earn gold loot and mythril by shooting more enemies
You can get from normal play and each enemy you shot will drop it as loot as well as any gear that can be sold back to the shop for gold.

bounty hunter black dawn tips

Except gold, mythril is the one that is quite rare to get.
In order to get it for free, you can try log on to the co-op server that you just have to look for a match, you do not have to join one.

So once getting enough mithrils, you can spend them to buy the best weaponry from the store, play the lottery game with the best loot, and buy new skill points without the need to level up.

In the beginning of the game, you will select the name, gender, and class of your new character among 10 character slots for you to use.
Select one of four classes that will determine the types of skills and has a big impact on gameplay.

Soldiers deliver damage up close
Snipers deliver from far away
Engineers will summon turrets to help in combat
Prayers will summon healing stations to help you heal your teammates.

Along your journey through the game, your character will start the adventure in front of a crotchety old man on the planet Muspel then use a portal to teleport between safe zones and dangerous zones in that the maps are complex and have lots of environmental details, with some of the later maps getting quite large.

When being in the safe zones, you can talk to NPCs, pick up and turn in missions, buy and sell gear, enter co-op or PVP, or play the lottery games for a chance at good loot.

Dangerous zones will test your skills whereby you will encounter enemies and complete most missions.
Every time you kill an enemy, you can get experience and random loot from them in which it can be ammo for any of the seven gun types, health, gold, or equipment.

Each gun in this game will have its own type, damage output, accuracy, fire rate, zoom amount, bonus elemental damage, and more generated when it is created.
And the armor, grenade, and stat-boosting microchip stats will have special abilities with gun as well.

So try to determine how good something is by how much its resale value is in gold and also by its background color as five different background colors will indicate the rarity and power of equipment.

If you want to get cool new weapons that have all sorts of special abilities including radiation damage, high critical hit chances, and regenerating ammo, you can spend mithril or gold to purchase the best equipments for your hero.

Every class has 1 innate skill and can learn 10 other skills from a class-specific pool of 21 and those skills are divided between active and passive in which it can be leveled up to 5 times.

Every time your characters level up, they will earn 1 more skill point to invest.
Meanwhile, the innate class skills are really cool and many of each class’ 21 skills are dedicated to improving the innate skill.

Soldiers can briefly enter an avatar mode which dramatically boosts their damage output
Snipers can make gravity traps that can slow down enemies
Engineers can summon turrets
Prayers can summon the healing stations for aiding your squad

Thus try to improve these abilities to make them incredibly powerful, such as Soldiers making the avatar mode have 100% accuracy with no recoil or Engineers making the turret mobile and able to fire missiles.
Each class of this game will have unique abilities and you can even build two characters of the same class with completely different abilities.

You will be offered with a 4-player co-op mode as well as 1v1 and 4v4 PVP.
In co-op mode, you can play through the story with other players online and cooperate with other players to involve in epic fights with powerful enemies and bosses in the battle.

Playing in the PVP will task you with killing members of the other team and capturing key points while carrying all your loot, gold, skills, and equipment wherever you go.

When having a gun battle, you can try some important actions such as jumping that can help you escape when you are surrounded by a pack of wolf-like creatures.

Once completing each mission, you can quit straight out to increase the level and get some extra items.
You can use sniper rifles as they will be far more damaging when using the scope.
Try to keep four different weapon types for any occasions when running out of ammo.

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