How to Earn A Lot of Bucks in MLB.com Home Run Derby 14 iPhone

In mlb.com home run derby 14 game, you will be given with two control schemes which is one involves a one-touch system where you hold down your finger to guide the bat, then release when the ball is over the plate

home run derby 14 tips

And, the other one involves two fingers, with the first aiming the bat and the second one that will allow you to do a manual swing by tapping the screen.

From two control schemes above, try to use first control scheme where you can hold your finger just below home plate and move it around to figure out where you want your bar positioned.
If you can do it right, you will see the ball coming and prepare to swipe accordingly.

Your main goal in this game is to get as many home runs as you can before you build up 10 outs from pop flies and hits that do not clear the park.
The main point is just keep practicing so that you will be a pro throughout the game

When it comes to hitting home runs, simply wait until the ball is right towards the plate, then go to take a shot.
Anyway, it will usually be a grounder but you will also blast it over the fence and add to your total.

Some items available in this game will help you go through for further stages
There are four general areas for shopping namely bats, gloves, cleats and power-ups.
Gloves and cleats are merely for appearance, and they do not really change much of the batting experience in the game.

And, some power-ups can make a difference, including items like Eagle Eye which shows the trajectory of the pitch so you can prepare for it
Also, Power Boost power up will make you stand a better chance of hitting the ball for a home run
Plus, Contact Boost power up will give you a better chance to hit the ball.
Meanwhile, you have to purchase better bats, which provide a greater chance at hitting the ball with power and accuracy.

At this point, you can also save your MLB bucks for more players, even to acquire the heavy hitters.
Afterward, go for nice ball fields, like your hometown favorite or Boston’s park.

In order to earn coins and bucks in this game, you will earn enough of those over the course of the game
Moreover, winning contests as well as getting score first place in home run contests will make you gather coins and bucks as well.

Furthermore, you will earn extra bucks by completing certain Achievements in the game, such as hitting into a particular section of the field or blasting consecutive home runs.

In addition, you will start with five tickets and you will spend a ticket each time you enter a new Home Run Derby tournament.
Therefore, if you are running out them, you will either need to wait for them to fill back up, or you can pay some money to refill instantly.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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