Starfish Cheats Moby`s Revenge iPhone

When playing moby`s revenge game, you will be given multiple choices of power ups that you can use to help you get scores

moby`s revenge tips

At this point, the Jellyheart power-up will provide you an additional heart, so that you can continue running if you hit a net or some other object on the sea.

When using this power up, you simply tap on the heart icon as it appears on the bottom of the screen so that Zen starfish will clear the screen that allow you to continue on your way

As making good progresses through stages, you will also gather Starfishes and upgrade his special abilities to get even higher and higher scores.

Meanwhile using the Seahorse power-up will clear the screen for the next few feet, including ships, helicopters and any other obstacles in your way.

Besides, the Bubble Shield power-up provides you with an additional hit in the game
In description, if you meet a net or a missile, the shield will automatically disappear, and Moby will be unaffected at that time.

For further, if you want to speed up for a few seconds, as well as running right through obstacles with ease, you can use the Angry Whale power-up that you can activate by picking up the red mist-looking power-up in the water.
At the same time, stay alert of your character blinks, as he will revert back to normal.

Moreover, with the Mutated Whale power-up, a toxic yellow drum, you can run over everything in his path as you are transformed into a mutant two-headed whale for a few seconds.

At this point, when he blinks, it means he will change back, in which you can spend 1000 starfish to start making the Mutated Whale power-up last longer.

Later on, activating the Happy Whale power-up that is by picking up the purple spotted power-up, the Happy Whale automatically draws in starfish closing to you for a few seconds at a time.

Note that you must also watch when your character blinks, as he will change back like usual.
In order to increase the time to use this power up, you can visit the shop and pay 500 starfish at first.

During on your run, you will often come across ships trying to capture you in their nets.
For such reasons, you will have to look for the open hole in the netting which is located on top or in the middle of the net.

In addition, if you can get through the gap, you will be able to swim right through it then continue on your way to explore all tracks.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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