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Modern Command is a simple tower defense game where you defend your base from enemies using a variety of weapons and you will be deployed to various mission sites then unlock new power-ups and tools, which will help you fight against tougher adversaries.

modern command tips

Furthermore, you will do all of your attacking from your base in which you will select weapons for each missions, starting at one and then unlocking and purchasing more until you can have four equipped at any given time.
Moreover, the mission will determine which weapons you take during before going to the combat zone.

In order to fire your weapons, choose your weapon from the side of your screen then tap where you want them to launch.

Note that weapons feature different speeds at which they launch, so you have to aim ahead well in order to maximize the damage for your enemies.

Throughout the game, your base is placed in the center of each stage, and in the upper corner of the screen, you will be given a scanner showing you the location of enemy forces.

Afterward, just scroll up to these sections to put bad guys in your sights and select which weapon you want to use then tap on the enemy’s position or close to it to attack them.

At this point, selecting Chain guns will attack an enemy very closely as they can wipe out small soldiers and vehicles with ease

Meanwhile, when the bigger enemy is coming, small missile launchers are quite powerful, and it is also good at attempting to wipe out multiple targets at once.

Remember that selecting missiles will need a delay between when they launch and when they hit the targets.

Always stay alert and continue moving around the map as enemies will strike from different directions.
The main goal in this game is to keep your base intact throughout the course of the mission so use your energy wisely and select what weapons work best on enemies in this game

When shooting enemy, timing your shots is really important, as you have to reload each of your weapons after using them for so long.

As making progresses through each mission, you can stock more of them in your base and switch between them, so that you will have more firepower supply.

On the other side, once going through missions earn you expertise, which in turn will open up tiers of additional weaponry.

In line with this, you will also earn credits that can be used to purchase these weapons, including heavier firepower turrets and missile launchers in the Armory.

Before going into the battle zone, you can also use Research to develop new accessories including bomber jets and other power-packing weapons whereby it will help you prepare for bigger and badder enemies later on in the game.

According to this, your weapons will fill up over time over the course of their use, and you can also see your stock by checking the Supplies bar at the top of the page.

When it is low, you will either need to wait a while for it to refill, or spend one gold star to refill it automatically.

Having medals will act like Achievements that can be unlocked as you meet certain tasks in the game in that completing a mission using four different weapon types will earn you a Combined Arms medal, a Spoils of War medal opens up with 500,000 credits in your bank account, etc.

In addition, you can earn stars and credits by completing missions
And, you can earn an additional three stars for by signing into Facebook while playing this game.

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