How to Get Mojo Cash for New Balls for Kingpin Lanes on iPad

In kingpin lanes game, you can get more cash to upgrade items in the pro shop
Here, you can show your skills, then take on other bowlers and try to beat the scores they have set you in order to collect more cash.

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As a result you can purchase upgrades such as new balls, clothes, and other bowling accoutrements.
In addition, you can also have additional balls and mojo with your cash spending on the pro shop
The mojo is used to control the ball after it is launched and you just swipe furiously to slightly shift the way the ball is going on the lane.

You will play in five outrageous Challenge Lanes namely a Junkyard, a Casino, a Rooftop Penthouse, a Cellar, and the Top Secret “Roswell Revisited” where you try to bowl against obstacles and challenges

The unique lane layouts deliver all news types of bowling challenges including in the traditional career mode.
Meanwhile as an extra added bonus the bowling alley is fully explorable, and you can play in arcade games.

You will use simple and easy touch gestures to bowl.
Just swipe on the screen to orient the ball and swipe arrows to select standing position.

Once choosing a position and an angle, a forward swipe will launch the ball down the lane.
So Get your score as high as possible with strikes and spares.

In a main career mode you will have to challenge five fully voiced and animated characters, each with their own amusing personalities and objectives then to beat a given score in the traditional 10 frame bowling style.

Moreover you can participate in online multiplayer to bowl with friends to increase achievements to be shared in Game Center.
Winning competition in the career mode will give some cash to be used in the pro shop for new balls, and other upgrades.

When playing this game mojo feature will allow you to swipe while the ball is rolling down the lane to put spin on it.
Dragging your finger will create a slower bowl so you can use “mojo” to your bowl to make sure it hits true, but you only have a limited amount of doing so.

The bowling is controlled by flicks in which you take position on the lane, and double-tap your ball, then flick a finger up the screen to bowl your ball in the desired direction.
Making a straight flick will create a straight bowl, while an angled one adds spin and swerve.

On the other word you have just aim your shot, double tap to lock in, and then swipe to send your ball down the line.
Note that to adjust the speed and power of your ball to make for smooth rolling.

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