Money Crystals Cheats in Tiny Sheep on iPhone

In tiny sheep game , you can earn money by shaving wool from your sheep and sell it to earn money cash
Afterward just watch as it will grow back right before your eyes

tiny sheep guides

Manage your farms around your house and build fence surrounding it to get more protection of wolves
You have to build over 10 farm structures with a lot of fun and unique capabilities in each of those farms.

So plant some crops to make your farm green so that your tiny sheep will easily find food there
In order to help you manage your farm you can contribute to the development of the nearby town to get more services.
By building a church you can pray for rain to freshen up your pastures

You can breed your tiny sheep around your house and it will roam around to find fresh grass to eat
When breeding your tiny sheep you should not let it wander too far or it will become a sad lonely sheep out there

The grass is the mainly food for your tiny sheep you you have to water it regularly to keep it lush and green as this grass your farm will be eaten everyday

You should notice that wolves are peeping your tiny sheep so you have to protect it from the wolves
Try to have competition with your friends to see who can get the most prize-winning flock
You can compete and win the best in show contest in the town fair to get a lot of items and cash as a bonus reward

Just connect with Facebook to visit your friend’s farm and send gifts to them as it will give you positive input for your tiny sheep
Besides they will also visit you and your farm back to give positive feedback as well

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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