Money Cash Cheats in Anomaly Korea on iPhone 5

In anomaly korea game, you must lead a squad into fierce fire-fights and fend off the alien invasion.
Also, you must plan your routes carefully and use armored units and attacking alien-infested districts and fight against a horde of new enemy threats.

Anomaly Korea

In this tower defense game you have to watch out of the action from a top-down perspective while using tactile touch controls to assemble your squad

Get the best plan of your route using the new tactical map and execute player powers such as Boost in order to speed up your unit’s offense.

Note that you have to battle through without air support, time based artillery destruction zones, specific vehicle challenges, and more.
You can also test your leadership abilities in the new ‘Art of War’ trials.

Try to complete 12 new missions and think tactically before doing so
You have to deploy new player powers and units to take on new enemies while planning your attack route via a map overlay.

In addition you can change directions, allowing you to loop back and forth in order to avoid the worst of the damage during having your attack into enemies tower.

You have to upgrade and add new units to it in the effort to strengthen its defensive and offensive capabilities.

You can deploy temporary power-ups that can affect a wide area, providing benefits such as repairing damaged units, boosting their offensive capability, obscuring the line of sight of enemy towers and even having a good old airstrike to make sure every last enemy is destroyed.

You can also play with new units, including the Horangi that is a devastating tank which can deploy an area-effect attack once charged up.

Do this when facing devious enemies like the ‘Energizer’ that is a power-up sapping tower that can explode and heal nearby towers.

Just cover your advance strike with smoke while activating repair fields, calling airstrikes, boosting your units’ attacks, and setting out decoys are all necessary to completing every objective in this game.

Choose two out of six possible super-airstrikes to bait enemy artillery fire onto their own towers, and clearing sectors within tight time limits and encourage players to experiment with different units, powers, and strategies.

The flamer towers are hard-countered by either the boost so you have to kill them before entering their short firing range and to put out the fires as this is their powers.

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