Money Cheats Grand Theft Auto Vice City iPhone

In gta vice city game, you will take a role as Tommy who will seize territory and bring the local gangs under his influence involving “whacking” targeting options and running them over or doing tailored firing them in response to some unseen insult.

gta vice city tips

While driving around the town you will freely choose and bring over 40 different weapons ensuring effective firepower and providing enough variety for stylish defensive measures with samurai sword.
Besides you can also use many guns such as pistol, minigun or uzzy or machines gun

You will explore Vice City with more expansive locations by riding over 120 vehicles ripe for the picking such as exotic cars, motorcycles, luxury yachts and planes.
When trying to complete every mission you can hijack any vehicle you see on the street including motorcycles and helicopters.

Besides you can get to drive around sports cars right away including bigger and crazier vehicles, like speedboats, dune buggies, and tanks on the street.

In addition you can also drive around at high speeds, piloting boats through its waterways, or running around on foot, terrorizing pedestrians with a chainsaw.

When trying to get a ton of money you will have to help a crime lord escape the city in a luxury yacht, demolish an office park, and help several new illicit businesses off the ground.

In attempt of accomplishing the missions it will require you to navigate Vice City’s crowded streets, and the vehicles often feel very responsive.
The missions will vary like delivering pizzas on a scooter, or major story points like storming a drug lord’s mansion or the other ones with new surprises.

When driving cars you can listen to your custom song playlist
You have to simply create a playlist titled “VICECITY”
Then launch the game
Now select the radio station “Tape Deck” to play your favorite song in this game
In addition you can now use iCloud to transfer saves between your phone devices, and you can load up your own mp3s to build a custom in-game radio station for gta vice city game.

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